Monday, September 24, 2007

Tap Tap Tap...Is this thing on??

Wow, where is everybody today? No new posts to read. =( I feel lonely in the land of Blog.

Tonight I picked my Grandma up for dinner at my Mom's. Grandma surprised us by having dinner ready. GMA and I stopped at Radio Shack to pick up a connector for my Grace Speed Control. Right connector but it's body doesn't taper enough to go into my machine. =( I'll have to consult my Dad the electrician to see what my next option is.

I started working on the Celestial Migraine Block of the Month that Planet Patchwork is putting out. Of course, it started in February and I'm just starting it now in September. That's ok, I'll catch up. I bought the same fabrics that Kristie is using for her Celestial Migraine quilt because I liked her blocks soooo much. You're supposed to do two of the same block in the same color but after looking at the picture I decided that wasn't really necessary. I bought extra colors so I'm planning on making each one differently. If it's a Migraine quilt, it might as well be a Migraine to cut out, right? So, here they are my first two blocks:

I just got home about an hour ago and I've been working on cutting some bargello strips. I'm at the end of my design wall so it's time to set up and sew what I've got so far so that I can re-position. If I get any more sewn tonight I'll upload a picture.

As I was sitting here writing this I heard the unmistakable sound of Miss Holly about to throw up. I came running from the office, Mike came running from the living room. Both of us trying to figure out where she was. I have the best dog in the world....she gets sick IN THE BATHROOM ON THE LINOLEUM FLOOR!! I kidded with her and said next time she should aim for the toilet bowl. I don't know how we did it; but we trained her to go into the bathroom when she's sick. Probably because it's the most direct route from our bedroom when she gets sick in the middle of the night. We'd lift her off the bed or pull her in there just so we wouldn't have to clean the carpeting or the bedding. Now, she goes there on her own. All dogs have quirks...but this quirk is the bomb!!


Michelle said...

Holly is just the best!!!!! So what did she get sick on? Are you missing one of your Pez buddies? LOL! I hope the nausea was just temporary and Holly is feeling great again!

About the blog land being desserted. What is up with that??? I have been wondering where Kristie is. She usually is so much better about blogging. I hope everyone is ok in Kentucky.

I didn't have anything to blog, but I sure have been checking, and clicking those counters! NOW you know where all the number increases come from!

Michelle said...

Oh, and Jen? Your blocks look WONDERFUL!

jillquilts said...

I know what you mean about blog-land being empty!

I had Max throw up in the toilet one time. Of course, I had to pick him up and hold him there, but it was a sinch to clean up. They will generally go into their cage in the very back and that is such a pain to clean up!

You're blocks are very cool!! You need to stop showing them because I am going to want to make it, too!

Moneik said...

Your blocks look great! Thanks for keeping us on our toes with our blogging. I know I've been lax the last month or so. I've got to get back into my routine.

Kristie said...

Sure hope Holly is feeling better. I'm sure you were worried too death.

I love your blocks. All of the blocks are so simple you will be caught up in no time.