Thursday, April 26, 2007

I love my Epson Printer!

For my birthday this year I received a new printer from my husband based off recommendations made in my Janome 6500 Yahoo Group. One member of our group went through the trouble of testing the ink, she wrote:

"I have found the Durabrite inks to be extremely durable; I have tested labels with multiple washings in regular laundry detergent and hanging them out on the clothesline in the sun (which is something I would never to do a quilt). I have only been able to make them fade a tiny bit after about 8 washings and hangings out."

I chose this printer because it is an all-in-one. Prior to this, I was against the idea of an all-in-one because what happens if one of the parts breaks? But, with the way technology changes these days they are not made to last forever so I have been converted to the all-in-one way of thinking. Mine is a Printer/Copier/Scanner. While I don't see my cx7800 model for sale on the Epson web page anymore, the technology with Durabrite inks is still very prevalent through their entire line. The cx6000 is very similar to the cx7800, the only real difference is the cx7800 can also scan slides and negatives which most likely isn't that important for the average person but when I'm not playing with my Fuji Fine Pix point and shoot digital I like to play with my good old Pentax 35mm in the manual mode!

Why do I love it so much?

The #1 reason is that I can iron fabric onto freezer paper and print directly on the fabric. Sure, you can do this on any printer but the Durabrite inks won't wash out like other inkjet printers do. As far as I know, Epson's Durabrite inks are the only inks that can do this - but with technology changing daily someone else may have come out with a similar ink. I can choose any fabric to print on without having to pre-treat or post-treat my fabric. I use the freezer paper sheets that come in a package, already cut to 8.5" x 11" size for the printer. They are a little thicker and don't tend to curl like the regular freezer paper does. I picked these up at my local quilt shop. You can use freezer paper off the roll too; this just saves me the step of cutting it down. My one pack will probably last me for years!

The #2 reason is that I can re-size quilt, purse and applique patterns with ease up to 400%. It can print this 400% image on 9 pieces of paper without having to move the pattern 9 different times. Either way the paper needs to be taped together but now I can do it without having to leave the house to run to a copy center.

I also like that the ink cartridges are all separate (Black, Magenta, Yellow and Cyan). I previously had Hewlett Packard Printers and their colored ink comes in one cartridge. If the blue ink ran out, the whole cartridge was shot. This way I can replace cartridges as I go, and it's easier to stretch each color until its bone dry. Replacement cartridges are about $13 each which is a little easier on the wallet than $35 at one time for color and another $35 for black.

Friday, April 27, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by scissorhandscps
How many ink cartridges does it take? I love my epson printer too! But mine is older. Takes two cartridges. I also have a Janome and am interested in that group. Very cool. Thanks.

Friday, April 27, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
Must be nice!! You must be one of these "high-tech" quilters :) I guess all of this makes the process alot easier. Lucky you, I'm jealous!!!! Anyway, as far as sewing machines go, I just have a Brother, that I've had for about 5 years, the reason I went with Brother was, first, the price, and my mom has had the same Brother sewing machine for the past 28 years, and it is still going strong... I may have to check into some of this stuff that you have been talking about...
Kristie Layne

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