Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wooo Hoooo!!!!!

Last night I went to get my hair cut and highlighted. My friend Shell has cut my hair now for the past year. She used to live across the way from me and would always stare at my hair with the look of, "What could I do if I got my hands on it." When I had my migraine turned blood clot incident last summer I had to cancel an appointment with the girl that had been cutting my hair since 1995. That's a LONG time. I liked her, but I think it was just time for a change. Anyway, I couldn't get back in so I gave Shell a call. Boy am I glad that I did! That was probably my first real change in hair style in years. Shell keeps edging me shorter and shorter and we've gone from my usual 1 highlight color up to 3. She likes to try new techniques on me. Mike hasn't said a word about my new cut yet so I'm taking that as a sign that he doesn't like it. I like it a lot though, and it only took me 5 minutes to do my hair this morning. I didn't even need my round brush.

Today was my last scheduled Physical Therapy appointment. That was 13 visits. Insurance only covers 20 so my therapist wanted to make sure I had enough visits left in case I have a flare up. I do have quite a bit in our FSA account that I could also use if I do need to pay for them out of pocket but I am glad that they look at it that way instead of leaving you high and dry. On my way home I try to use the back roads because I'm cutting across town during rush hour. What am I saying, I like taking back roads, I think of it as a challenge to come up with less traveled routes. I'm not exactly patient, I like to keep moving. Two blocks off my route is a gas station that we've noticed is always lower than the others in the area. Since it wasn't exactly out of my way I thought I should stop. I was sort of hoping the quilt store across the street would still be open but I think they close at 5 and not 5:30 like I originally thought. Just as I was about to finish pumping the train came through. UGHHHHH!!!!! It's such a long train. And I was going to have to cross traffic to wait in line. Well there wasn't an opening so traffic just kept building and building and I had to wait until it all cleared to go. My 20 minute drive turned into 40.

After PT I usually feel wiped out so I sat on the porch in my slick anti-gravity chair while Mike grilled our Salsa Chicken browsing through a Nancy's Notions catalog. There's some cool stuff in there. Then again, I always see cool stuff! I was so comfy and the air temperature was just right that I almost fell asleep. I tried calling my mom about 5 times to see if she wanted to come to dinner but there was no answer. We ate dinner and then I DID fall asleep on the couch for about an hour. I remembered somewhere in there Mike mentioning he was going for a hair cut and it seemed like he was never coming home. I decided it was time to try my new Yo-Yo makers that I just bought. My mom bought a new Eleanor Burns book last weekend and there was a pattern for a flag made out of Yo-Yo's that I figured would be a fun project since I own the makers. My red, white & blue scraps were still out in my car so I ran out to get them. Low and behold, Mike wasn't missing he was hanging out in the garage...apparantly trying to grease the seat shock on his bike.

Since I was now cleared from PT I thought I'd take my bike out for a spin around the parking lot. Down the drive way I went. It felt WONDERFUL. I forgot how wonderful it feels to be on a bike. (Can I point out that I was wearing flip flops...I swear at people who ride with flip flops!!) Next thing I knew I was down to the end of our block, turning onto the road and headed to the parkway (can I also point out that it was pretty dark and now I'm riding with no bike lights...another thing that I swear at). Next thing I knew I was up to National Avenue which is about a mile. I figured if I didn't head back soon Mike would really wonder what happened to me, especially since I said I was just going to ride around the parking lot! It was wonderful! It may have only been about 1-1/2 miles but it was wonderful.

Mike and I each have two bikes. This is our third season on both sets. We first bought Trek Navigator 300's which is considered a comfort bike. The tires are thick like Mountain Bike tires but without the nubbies on the sides. That year we rode in the Trek 100 ride and each raised over $1000. When you raise that much Trek gives you a bike. So with that we got the Trek Multi-Track 300's which is a hybrid. The tires aren't as narrow as a road bike but they're not as thick as the Comfort Bike. The wheel is also larger so overall it's a much quicker bike. We choose what we're riding based on the terrain and length of the ride. A lot of the time Mike will take his Comfort Bike and I'll take my Multi-Track so that he's slower and I'm faster. Either way he's still way out in front of me but it evens it up a little. Not much, but a little. However he's now been riding for a few months and I'm just starting. By the time I get up to his level summer will be over. Oh well, there's always next summer. I don't want to ride with him and hold him back. I know if it was me, I'd be pretty darn impatient. But wow, to be back on and feel the wind in my hair was wonderful (No lectures on the helmets please. I own one. Mike wears his, I typically wear a baseball hat. Mine actually hurts my neck to the point where I wouldn't be able to ride. Even though it's light, the slight weight of it compresses my vertebra and I get really crabby and in pain really quick).

Finally I was back inside and trying out my Yo-Yo maker. I've got to say. I think I'm a Yo-Yo idiot because I couldn't figure it out at first!! And well, I've now made 5 and they took me about an hour. Maybe I'll get quicker in time. Or maybe this flag will take me a few years!

I also thought I should post a picture of my "progress" on the kalidescope quilt. Not that I've done any sewing yet but at least I've cut the fabric, printed the foundations and the foundations are now cut apart and colored in. But hey, it's a start!

Friday, June 22, 2007 - Untitled Comment
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Wow you were busy last night. I on the other hand did NOTHING. I fell so sound asleep that all the times the phone was ringing I never even heard it. I slept on the couch until around 1AM and then went to bed. Now of course I'm wide awake.

Friday, June 22, 2007 - Untitled Comment
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I laughed as I read through you post all I kept thinking was SLOW DOWN . Your just a whirl wind LOL could you bottle up some that energy and send it to me .So glad you are finished with your PT ,no more riding the bike with flip flops or you will have a fall and need it again . Sorry thats the mom in talking LOL
How interesting is your YO Yo maker ,I've never seen one ,do you mind if I ask where you got it ?I'm a gadget person to and I have to honest most of them are sitting in a box but I think I would use that all your yo yo 's would be the same size .

Friday, June 22, 2007 - Exciting
Posted by MoneikQuilts (
It's so exciting that first time out on bikes during the summer. I know we love to ride the Mickelson Trail and the first time I try it, I'm exhausted. I'm sure you'll get better with the yoyo maker as time goes on. Gotta love our quilting gadgets!

Friday, June 22, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter (
First off, sloooooow down! You're killing me :o) So glad you got to get back on your bike. I haven't rode a bike since I was a kid. Now, I would rather be on my horse or Ole Jim. I was reading about your haircut and thought I know when I get to the bottom she will have a photo. But oh no, I was wrong. Anyway, a change is good for everyone.

I can't believe you are making yo-yo's. I looked at that maker and could not figure out how it would work. I have made 2 large yo-yo quilts. The first for my mom and it has 2500 yo-yos in it and one for Andrew it has around 2000 yo-yos in it. I won Blue Ribbons on both quilts. I have started another, which I don't have much of it done, but it is in the pattern of Grandmother's Flower Garden. Trust me, my first yo-yo project was pillows and it went very slow, but with time you get faster. Now, I can whip them together in about 1 minute each. But I can still remember all of the cutting and sewing...but at that time I had never heard of a yo-yo maker. But I did see them in the Nancys Notions catalog too...

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