Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pictures of Kids

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing my friend's kids in person. I love seeing pictures in online photo albums. I love seeing a few newborn shots. But honestly, there is only 1 kid in this world that I can view an entire album of without getting a glazed over look and that's Ruth's son Aidan. Those pictures I look forward to, those pictures I can never see enough of. That's probably because Ruth and I are close. Ok, I could add my cousin Keri's daughter Kassidy to that list because the kid is so darn cute and so full of personality!

I just don't understand where the internet has given license to sending ALL your pictures in an email to 50 friends at a time. Not a zip file to be found or an internet album link to follow. I just received an email from a friend who always has about 30 pictures in each email. For the past nine months I've been sent pictures of her pregnant baring her belly in everything from a bikini at around 6 months to cutsie turtlenecks pulled over tight. I know she just wants everyone to be a part of everything but when is it ok to say, enough is enough? I don't need 4 of the same pictures of her and then shot from 2 different angles at 26.2 weeks. (You think I'm kidding!) This batch was to announce the birth of their son.

I can understand that they're happy and proud of their new little boy, don't get me wrong there. But, after seeing so many pictures, I can't tell you the kid's name, date of birth or weight even though there was a picture of him on the scale. I'm more shocked at the pictures sent. This wasn't your typical warm and fuzzy, "Mom and Dad welcome baby X to the world" type of email. There were 6 pictures of her in a bikini top and blue gingham checked underwear at 32.2 weeks. Three front views, three side views. I'm sure they were all taken in succession. 2 pictures of her balancing an ice cream carton on her belly…one front view, one side view. 4 pictures of her baby nude with nothing covered up. I suppose that's not as bad as another friend who sent 3 pictures of her new baby…all nude, nothing covered. 2 of which were taken before the baby was wiped up or cleaned off. Talk about a shock when I opened that email!

How about sending just a shot or two with the new mother, baby and dad? How about leaving the rest of those shots for your scrapbook that you just pull out when people come over if they care to look? In this day and age with all the internet predators, why oh why would you send nude shots of your baby through the internet?

I suppose maybe it's just because I'm not a natural kid person. Maybe these same people look at my quilting or dog pictures this way but I don't send those out in mass quantities…they're just out there if anyone decides to take a look.

Ok, I'm slinking away from my soapbox now.

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You make me laugh, slinking off your soapbox. I think what you are describing is another form of self-absorbsion. Then there was the time Ron's nephew brought pictures of his new-born daughter to the lumber yard to show Ron. They began with the baby crowning. Needless to say, Ron saw a w h o l e bunch more of his nephew's wife than her ever, ever wanted to see. What's with that? Rhoda

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I love the Christmas light pictures! Rhoda

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ROTFLOL. I hate when people do that. Go on and on and on about their babies. I love babies too but enough is enough. No pregnant woman should be walking around in a bikini.

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