Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Come See What's Brewin'

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. The "subject" is from a song that's got to be 25+ years old that was used for a Milwaukee Brewers commercial. We just got back from the game and it's stuck in my head. Another win tonight!! I got tickets from work so my Mom, her friend Debbie, my Husband and I went to the game. It's just so exciting to go this year. Tonight the Brewers beat the Washington Nationals 6-4, winning their 5th straight game and giving them the best record currently in Baseball!

After we got home, my husband and I sat down to watch "The Shield" on FX. Ok, he sat, I sewed. I made up two more Wonder Wallets and another Runaround Bag. I'll have to wait to post the pictures because they're for a certain someone's 40th birthday who happens to read my blog. Giggle, I'm SO NOT GOOD AT SURPRISES!! Besides, she told me what she'd really love to have so I got busy sewing.

I had my second physical therapy session after work today. They're doing a treatment where they find the painful spots which although it's below my shoulder blade...WOWWWWEEEE once they started pressing on my side I guess it all starts there!! YIKES that's some painful stuff. Anyway as they press on one of these spots they slowly turn my body after my arms and legs get into position and then they hold me in that position for a few minutes before switching to another one. When they release and press on the spot again that a few minutes prior made me shoot through the roof, the pain is now gone. What they're doing is stretching the muscle out because muscles have a memory, so right now they're all tight and tiny, if they over stretch, then they'll go back to "normal" within a few treatments. I've got to say, yesterday I thought it was kind of kooky because it didn't feel like they were doing anything but when I woke up this morning and had muscle soreness instead of sharp take my breath away pain I was pretty excited. She also spent some time relieveing the pressure in my neck by pushing and pulling on my neck/head. Wow, I could FEEL myself growing taller. She was pretty excited to see it working right before her eyes, she said she's never had someones body respond so well so quickly. I'm laying there and I could feel the skin under my bra moving. I swear, I had to have grown an inch. She said I'm all compressed which I totally believe because that area has been a mess for quite a while.

Apparantly our muscles have a fight/flight reflex just like putting your hand to a hot burner. They respond to accidents and EMOTIONAL ISSUES. Huh, who knew? Two years ago this May I was in a car accident and had whip lash, apparantly I never recovered from that. Also two years ago my husband admitted he had been hiding a huge drinking problem for the previous 7 years so I had a lot of emotional trauma. Around that time is when my Migraines all started. Then, last year when I had a 3 day migraine that I finally went to the walk in clinic for, they sent me to the hospital because they wanted me to have a cat scan of my head to make sure nothing else was going on. After that I was telling my Doctor about how tight my neck, back and shoulders were and how I thought maybe that was causing my migraines. She put me on muscle relaxers that I've been taking all this time but they're not exactly miracle workers, I'm still always tight and just about always in some sort of back/shoulder/neck pain. Fast forward to now that I'm in therapy. My Therapist really thinks that if we can keep working on this, she'd like to see me get off those muscle relaxers because they're really not helping me anyway. So, we will see. I hope so. I'm tired of taking so many pills.

I could probably go on and on, but tomorrow is another day...it's bedtime!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
Can't wait to see your photos of the wallets. They are just too cute!! It amazes me how you can make them so fast.
I hope your physical therepy continues to go well. I use to have migranes all of the time. I had one a few times a month and constantly had headaches. They ran every test on me in the world. At the time my job was very stressful, and I hated it. Richard kept telling me to quit, cause we didn't actually need my income. They were so bad that my doctor told me they were running my BP up and indangering my pregnancy. So I finally quit and that's been around 5 years ago and I have never had a migrane since. I guess I just didn't realize how stress that I was.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by 51050
Hi Jen, your mastery of the computer really blows me away, because I'm just not all that interested. I'm glad the therepy is working for you. What you describe sounds very much like the fibromyalgia symptoms I have. The muscles tighten up because of an acute sensitivity to anything. Your therepist sounds like she knows what she is doing. I go to a chiropractor every 3 - 4 weeks, and that keeps my headaches at a minimum. Right now I'm in a lot of pain because I painted a lot last week - 2 ceilings 2 coats, and two rooms. Anything that is done with your hands above shoulder height for any lenght of time really adds to the pain. I have one more wall to finish today, and then I can heal. I'm glad you're finding help. Rhoda

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