Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ughh, What am I doing??

I was able to download all the directions for my Little Gracie II quilt frame directly from their site. I'll have to go over it with a fine tooth comb next time I put it together to make sure I did all the legs correctly. The machine carriage was already together so all I had to do was plop my machine on. WOW...what am I doing? I feel way out of my league. I had the most difficult time getting my machine on the carriage. I also couldn't make heads or tails of how I need to thread my machine. Sure; there's a cone holder and eye bolt; but it's on the side opposite the side that my thread would normally go on (like front of machine instead of back) so the "path" now goes naturally through the thread cutter. This can't be right. I also couldn't maneuver my machine enough to use my telescoping thread guide that is part of my machine.

I couldn't get my foot pedal to work right. I don't know if I should be facing it side up or side down; the wood just seems so slipery as is the foot itself. I ended up using it with my start/stop button which I was actually more comfortable with anyway.

My tension was off; I didn't play with it too much because I knew my thread wasn't going in all the right directions. It wasn't bad but I suspect it had to do with the path of the thread. I'd like to work that out before I go changing other things.

I broke two needles; one right after another. That's when I packed up and called it quits for the day. I wasn't frustrated with it; I was more scared that I was going to break something and didn't want to take any more chances.

I'm afraid of taking off the practice fabric that's on it to put new practice fabric on to practice further because I don't know if I'd get it on the right way again.

I'm worried that I'm never going to get the hang of this. I feel like I can't get down to Michelle's soon enough so that I can learn the ropes. She has a Hinterberg frame but I'm guessing that the set up is fairly similar.

I knew the frame was large; but it just looks so much larger when it's set up at home. It's currently set up at my mom's but I know I need to bring it home. Mike is just not going to be thrilled with me AT ALL even though I intend to only put it up when I'm going to quilt a quilt. Oh, what did I do????

I made a new cell phone leash with my red poly clay piece, some chain and a few crystals. It looks really long but it's actually just long enough for me to slip my 4 fingers on my hand through.

I really wanted to work on my Bargello today too. All I ended up doing was laying out all my additional strips and pinning them into sets of two to be sewn. I hung them all over a hanger to keep them organized. I'd read about this tip before; just never done it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be my charity sewing night; I can't help feeling like I just want to play with my own projects. I have no problem working on Project Linus quilts but I'm currently caught up, it's the darn pillow cases that I'm burnt out on. I can't get myself to work on them and then I end up just sitting there avoiding them for hours at a time and then not working on anything.


Michelle said...

I know your frustration, Jen. Why do you think I had Renea and Margaret use my quilter first! I had it a year before anyone touched it, and then the girls just told me it was time. I didn't have the cruise control for it yet, and we broke a LOT of needles, had lots of problems...but we have learned along the way. You will be fine, once you get the hang of it. You are welcome to come down anytime, Jen, even if it is before you planned. Michelle

Maureen said...


I wish I could help you but I just don't know enough...I would offer to help but I would feel the same way as you do.

I just love your new fob for your phone!

What is it you told me when I said I didn't want to work on a specific quilt? I think you said just do it...get it done. I know it's easier said than done.


Kristie said...

Okay lady here we go...I know the pillowcases are for such a great cause, but you have done your part. If you are tired of making them STOP!!! Just stop, give them to your Grandma to do, maybe she would like to do them. Or you could wrap them up and give them to your mom for Christmas :o) I know she will kill me if she reads this.

Don't get so flustered with your fame. You will be a pro before you know it. When I get mine, you can give me hints!!! Just relax!!