Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Flannel Quilt Repair

When I first started quilting I made 5 quilts out of flannel scraps that my Grandmother had made flannel shirts and flannel pj's out of for her children & grandchildren. Each quilt is made of 6 inch squares. At that time I only knew how to tie quilts. As the flannel is old and brittle - some fabrics possibly 40+ years old, and my seam allowances were not yet accurate many pieces are coming apart or just plain shredding where they were once sewn together. Does anyone have any good ideas to repair these quilts before they get worse?

Here are the ideas I've been given so far:

-Zig zagging over to hold the pieces together. I know this is going to cause new brittle areas and create more shredding areas quite quickly.

-Slipping some heat and bond between the batting and fabric and ironing it back in place and then doing some sort of repair stitching. The batting is Warm & Natural so I wouldn't be worrying about the batting melting but then the quilt would be stiff in places.

-Leave the original fabric in place and put a new fabric over it, the same with the backing if that is what needs repaired. I don't really see this as an option, since the quilts were made from scraps, I don't have anything left over. The quilt is based on memories so I wouldn't want to add different, "new" fabric to it.

-Do free motion quilting all over to keep them from ripping any further. This idea I kind of like. I don't use the quilt on a regular basis, right now it's tucked away in a safe place, but I would love to be able to hang it on a quilt rack.

-You could lay a piece of tulle over the top and stitch in the ditch over this. It keeps the crumbly parts from falling off. While I like the idea of this, I'd hate the feel of scratch tulle. But, it might be my best bet.

Ladies, bring on your ideas!!

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I don't have any ideas on repairing it, but I think quilts like these are the most precious. I have some that are very worn, I have never tried to repair them, I just have them in a cabinet...good luck

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