Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Next to Nothing quilty today. =(

Wow, really nothing quilty today.

I took a chair out of my bosses office yesterday afternoon. I think I've mentioned how my chair at work sits crooked. I had been sitting on a catalog to make things "right" for the last week and it was helping somewhat but the catalog was annoying. The first few hours that I was on the chair yesterday I had other odd pulling. Turns out that was my body trying to right itself again. I went to PT, got loosened up and today I spent the entire day on this chair. I left work for the first time in years without being in pain. For the first time in 3+ months, without excruciating pain. Made it all day without any pain killers.

I left work all hyped up about starting that Project Linus quilt. I picked Holly up at Doggie DayCare (My mom's house) and was going to go to dinner with my mom and grandma but had to go home to change first. I was waiting for them to call to say they were ready (Mom has to wait till 5:30 to give Murphy his insulin) and gave up and call them. Only to find out they changed their minds on where to go and were headed to Arby's instead of Hawg City. Hawg City is our neighborhood resturant. It's probably the only place that I don't go and eat the same thing all the time. All of their food is just excellent. So trading that to Arby's I was pretty bummed. Mike and I ended up at Noodles & Company. I know, the way other end of the spectrum but it was still better than Arby's.

The only "quilty" thing I did was cut two bottoms out of foam core for my mom's Chelsea and Gracie bags. I'm hoping she found them because I put them between her screen door and storm door. It's hours later and I've heard nothing from her. My luck a cult member wandered by or something. Have I mentioned yet today that I can't stand those people? I'm just waiting for one of them to say something to me because I've got a list a mile long that I'd like to rattle off to them.

I finished planting my "garden." Still too embarassed to post pictures, I'll have to post in a few more days when everything starts perking up a bit. Compared to your gardens, mine is pathetic...but that's ok because I've got crazy allergies. I ended up back at the greenhouse to pick up a few more flowers. I had one more hanging basket to plant and a short window box that I put half a gazillion pansys in. I figured I could shoot pictures of them for my mom. I framed a really cool pansy for her about 5 years ago that I shot. Hopefully I can get some more for her room re-do.

After that, my allergies kicked in and I've been sneezing ever since. Remember how great my back felt? Well now it's all jarred to heck from all the sneezing. "Jarred to heck." Where do I come up with these phrases?

I've been listening to this book called Sarah's Quilt for oh, about the past month now on and off. I tell you what, I'm almost through the book and there's been no quilting done by Sarah yet. If it turns out to be a metaphore for the patches of her life or something I'm going to be irked. I think this book is like 15 hours long. And when you consider that I drive 4 miles to work, 4 miles back from work and have a 30 minute lunch...I don't get very far!

By the way, it turns out my hubby does read my blog...even though he claims he doesn't do things online that require reading. He must have been rather bored. He didn't like that I was making fun of his bringing the grill to my mom's. I asked him if he wanted me to edit it. He told me just not to be surprised if he starts commenting on the blog. He says he started reading it so he'd know what was going on in my life. Sigh... Not much to know. I bitch about my back hurting so I can spare you from hearing it. I talk about quilting. I find out that other husband's are as goofy as you. No Mike, this isn't some secret place that I discuss ways to torture you or something. I think the grilling was the first funny incident that's landed you in my blog. So, Hi MIKE!!!

That's all the game I've got. I really need to go to bed...well, as soon as my nose stops running like a faucet. Honestly, why don't they make smaller tampon like objects that we can put in our noses to stop up runny noses so that one can go to bed?

Did you all just feel my husband shudder as he backed out of my blog?

Thursday, May 31, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by Vesuviusmama
When I read your blog, I laugh OUT LOUD! It's good to hear that the new chair makes such a difference. Oh, and hi, Mike!

Thursday, May 31, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by Anonymous
See you are just like your Mom. Grandma drove me nuts last night. Good thing you didn't go to dinner with us we had to sit outside to eat because it was toooooo cold in Arby's. Yeah, her apartment was like an over and she was cold in it too. Oh, HI MIKE.........

Thursday, May 31, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
You are so funny. Glad the chair is helping your back. That is a shame that a simple chair can do that. You can tell Mike that it is okay, we all laugh at our husbands...

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