Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What do IHOP, Walmart & Grandma have in common?

My mom and I hit all three places tonight! LOL. We had dinner (ok, breakfast) at IHOP. From there we went to Walmart because we wanted to get fabric so we can start the Celestial Migraine Block of the Month Quilt at Planet Patchwork. I really like the way that Kristie's is turning out so we went for the same fabrics! We're way behind but Kristie just started hers as well and she's already caught up.

We got home and got ready to sew...ok, so my mom was ready to cut fabric and I started reading a magazine when at 8pm my Grandma called with a sewing emergency...that my mom needed to go right over for. Ok, so 8pm, almost 88 years old...isn't it time for bed? So we throw the dogs outside to go potty and I start packing a "to do" bag. Mom tries telling me we'll be right in and right out. Now, I know better. I know we always intend to be right in and right out but it never happens so I might as well take stuff along so I can be productive while I'm there right??

Off we go. Turns out her thread was tied in a knot around the first thread thingie. I don't know, I couldn't thread her machine right if I was given a million dollars. That thing confuses the heck out of me. There's just TOOOO many places to thread it through and it's not like she ever pulls out the book so I can check it out so it's my mom's job. Meanwhile I pinned and marked all 11 of those Project Linus bindings, Ironed the sashing for my Friday Night Block of the Month Quilt, cut the sashing, cut the extra pieces that go with the corner stones and started to sew the binding strips together all while my mom and grandma fiddled around with different parts of the Split Rail Fence Quilt my Grandma was working on.

Then it was time to take blood pressure. Now, blood pressure is a game with me. I like to get a lower number than my time before. So I'll do it three times and pick the best number. LOL. So then finally my grandma comes over; she's the reason we're testing blood pressure to begin with. The first two times it comes up as an error. I just had it working correctly 3 times in a row. So my mom comes over and smarty pants tells us how we've got to wait for it and hit the button a certain way. Well, if it doesn't error out again. HA! I told Grandma it was telling her she was dead. I figured I had to make her laugh considering she was so worked up about her sewing. Then my mom took her BP. I don't know why but I think I was feeling competitive because I wanted to take mine again to "beat" her. How did this become a game in my world? I'm an odd duck, but we knew that.

Now we go to leave and I have this old commercial singing in my head. Years ago, does anyone in the Milwaukee area remember the commercials for Emergency TV Service? "Emergency, Emergency, Emergency, Emergency TV Service." So I started singing, "Emergency, Emergency, Emergency, Emergency Sewing Service." I thought my mom was going to whack me upside the head. What can I say, I was feeling goofy.


Anonymous said...

This is so great! I'm glad that you and your mom are starting the quilt. So far it has been so easy. I bought my fabric at Walmart too. And I went with the colors that the quilt showed, I'm not used to using such bright colors so I was afraid to get off track too much. I think Gina is doing it too, but she is using differnt colors and last I talked with her, she hadn't used the same fabric twice, except for the black. It should be interesting to see how they turn out. You will be caught up and on schedule with it in no time at all...

Michelle said...

If you have one of those bp machines like I have, I have to put the band exactly in the same place on my arm or I get an error. By the time I do get a reading, my bp is up just because I am ticked there were so many errors! Go figure!

You and your mom amaze me. I must be half dead most of the time, as I don't have any energy to even THINK of quilting most of the time!

Anonymous said...

You know for my kid you sure are a smart alec.

cowgirl4ever said...

too funny.. if I could get my grandma to do anything except be a bump on a log I'd be excited.. I guess she goes out shopping and things like that but that just isn't fun to me unless it's a fabric/quilt shop.. and Mom well that is in the works.. Shh don't tell but I think I am going to get her a sewing machine for christmas. 3 months later I will be out of the Navy and home to beg her to come sew with me.


P.S> I thought smart alec was my nick name glad it's nit just me

Anonymous said...

Great that you can have such an evening with your mom and grandma.
I have downloaded all the patterns for the celestial migraine but I'm not sure when I can get it started. You will have yours well finished by the time I start, I'm sure.Carol