Monday, October 1, 2007

2nd quilt quilted on my Gracie II Frame

It's amazing, I can spend a day with Michelle and totally "get" how the quilt goes on the frame. I can come home and I'm clueless. I bet it took me a good 1-1/2 hours to figure out how to put it on the frame and maybe an hour to quilt it. It still wasn't on there right but it worked.

This was a panel that I purchased at the Madison Quilt Expo a few weeks back. I suppose it could have been cut apart and made more decorative but I was looking for something to quilt and this fit the bill. All I did was add the lime green borders. I'm not sure if I'll use that lime border fabric for the binding or the black backing for the binding. It turned out pretty cute though and I was able to use my one spool of Bottom Line thread that I own in Purple. It's pretty funny because you can barely see it on the back. For the top I used a yellow varigated Guterman thread.

I intended to get so much done tonight. I was going to make a label for my Uncle Bob's quilt. I actually could still get that done. It would be nice to be able to give him the quilt tomorrow when I see him at dinner. We're going out for my Grandma's 88th Birthday. I also intended to get the little icons traced and cut out for Diane's coaster set. Oh well, I suppose there's always tomorrow!


Nancy-Rose said...

My goodness you've been a busy girl! I had to catch up on all your great projects.

Debi said...

You did a great job quilting this little quilt. All it takes is practice to get it down to an automatic motion. On my leaders, I have arrows drawn to remind me which piece gones on which rail and whether it is loaded right side up or right side down.

Rose Marie said...

For a piece that wasn't put on right, it turned out pretty darn good! Another colour than the lime for the binding would finish off the quilt nicely.

Moneik said...

Oh that is so way cute Jen! I really like the panel. I would finish it with the black binding so it stands out.

Michelle said...

Looks Fantastic, Darlin'. You are just so DARN talented!

Maureen said...

Jen...the top turned out soooo cute!!! Good job!

Michelle said...

I forgot to mention, Jen, I love that you added a print on the back! Someday I'll convert you!

Kristie said...

I love it!!! You did such a great job. I think it turned out great!!!

Diana Laurence said...

Hi Jen, my true reason for posting is that I'm tagging you for the
rel=nofollow>Random 8 Meme
. It's kind of a fun idea if you're in the mood!

Of course, otherwise you can fill your evening cutting out the Bloodchained coaster stuff! LOL

Diana Laurence said...

Oh geez, could that link be any more of a botch? Try again:

href="">Random 8 Meme

I'm going to post this now and see if there's any chance I did it right. :-)

Diana Laurence said...

Okay fine, I admit defeat. Please go to
for the deal about the "Random 8 Meme."

HTML is out to get me.