Thursday, October 25, 2007

Canvas for Leaders

After work today I decided to run to Hancocks Fabrics to see what kind of canvas they had for my leaders. I found a really cute pink with daisys that was 50% off.

I wasn't sure if the canvas was going to be ok or not so I called my mom and had her run over to take a look with me. Next thing I knew she was buying fabric to re-do her kitchen chairs. I was shocked! She's been looking for over a year now.

We then headed over to BW-3's for dinner and Mike met us over there. I thought that's what I wanted and then my wings were so hot that they burned the inside of my mouth. Yeah, not what I wanted at all.

I worked on my sewing studio and then I started to cut out a Yellow Brick Road quilt for a Big Kid Quilt for my cousin Keri's daughter Kassidy. She's going to be 2 and she's already in her big girl bed. Her little sister will be born later this month. We're going to her birthday party next week so it would be nice if I could have it done in time for the party. If not, then I'll make sure I have it done when I go visit her baby sister and deliver her baby quilts.


Debi said...

Did you get your leaders made? I have two sets, one for the regular frame, and extensions for when I use the king attachment. They work wonders.

Kristie said...

Finally, you are back. I was getting worried. I like your canvas, it is a cute pattern.

Michelle said...

LOVE your canvas. I have missed you, and your blog. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Love, Michelle

Moneik said...

I love the pink canvas! Great choice.