Friday, October 26, 2007

A day off of work

Mike and I have today and Monday off of work. We spent some time working on my sewing studio. Mike ran to the Vet to get Holly some meds. Every fall she starts licking the fur off of her paws until they are hairless and bright red. So, we figured it was time to get her onto her meds until the first frost. He picked us up some nice steaks to grill.

After dinner we went to Block Buster to rent a few movies for the weekend. Tonight we watched "Knocked Up." I've got to own this movie. It was soooo hilarious. We laughed through the whole thing.

We stopped at Cold Stone Creamery for Ice Cream. They're very big on keeping things separate if you have allergies. I got a fresh container of ice cream pulled out for me, as well as a new container of raspberries. They use special spatulas and a separate mixing bowl. I was quite impressed.

I worked some more on the Yellow Brick Road quilt. It's going to be done in a fat quarter pack that I picked up earlier this year. It's a Spring set from Sandy Gervias and Moda. There's enough fat quarters in the set to make a twin sized quilt and two lap sized quilts so I'm working on all the blocks and then I'll just assemble the tops as I need them.


Kristie said...

Oh yes, we watched "Knocked Up" last week. We laughed our butts off. It was a great movie!!! We all loved it and my sister bought it.

I really like the fabrics for your "Yellow Brick Road" quilt. I was looking on the web to buy the pattern. I think it would make a great quilt for my niece. Well, actually it would make a great quilt for anyone. I loved the green one that you made a few months ago. It was very pretty.

Moneik said...

I love the spring colors in your YBR! What a fun pattern. I need to get to work on mine now.