Friday, October 12, 2007

I had all these dreams for what I thought was going to be my sewing room. It turns out my hubby and I have two totally different views. What made me think I could have an entire room he asked? Bummersville.

I guess he just figured we were removing just enough stuff so that the frame could be set up. I saw us removing just a bit more and moving the computer out into the area where my sewing stuff currently resides. I'm dreaming of bookshelves and less clutter throughout the apartment and he's dreaming of well, I have no freaking idea. I just want to use our space better. Talk about being on two separate pages. Yes, what I want to do requires purchasing a few things...bookshelf, media shelf, swapping things out for other things that will work better in our space but I guess not so much.

I asked the other day how we were going to finagle a cable line to the other end of the living room for the computer and instead of asking me what I was talking about Mike just must have thought I was crazy and left it alone.

I'm seriously bummed...I was really hoping for less crap throughout the apartment. A place for everything to go.


Michelle said...

Don't give up! The home is the woman's domain, and men get the, well, whatever. Do what you want, and he will adjust! I would think he would be happier if the computer was in the living room and you had your own sewing room.

Men just don't get excited about moving and redecorating. They can adjust to just about any environment as long as they don't have to do it.

If you need any more advise, just let me know! I'm on your side!
I love you!

Bethany said...


I understand your frustration. All I need to do is turn the garage into a sewing/tv room and our house would be PERFECT! Hahahah.

You know Mike better than I do, so I don't know if just changing it while he was gone would cause problems. My hubby would have a heart attack if I did that. You'll find a way to get the space you need, even it takes some time.

Best of luck :)

Moneik said...

Good luck with that move! It took me months to get things the way I wanted them. Small steps and suggestions. It's not my house, so I've had to make slight changes over time. At least it is both of yours apartment. I have to share my space with the computer and the futon. At least part of the time Paul uses the computer while I am sewing and we can visit. Is there a bed in the room? At my parents, my mom has her own sewing room, but there was only one other bedroom, so my brother and I were constantly fighting over who got the bed when we were both home. Finally we took an old double bed and propped it up against the wall behind my mom's cutting table. When we are home, she's not sewing anyway, so we fold the cutting table down, put the bed down and we have a great arrangement. It's just a boxspring and matress, but it works for us and is easy for her. Just some thoughts. Hopefully he comes around. We're here to help!

Suzan said...

Jen - though Michelle's idea may work with some husbands, it would be major war with others. I speak from experience! This will call for some delicate negotiation. (And make SURE he is listening when you are talking with him. Sometimes they just LOOK like they are listening!) Work on a compromise. Can you utilize storage in a closet more efficiently for your stash? Ask him to help you come up with a solution. That will make him feel like a hero and you may just get exactly what you want. Good luck!