Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's Here!! My Frame is Here!!

As we speak my Frame is set up in my Sewing Studio. The room is really coming along. I toook what I think is my last batch of stuff to the storage locker. Mike has some stuff hanging around but I asked him if he can go through it before my Quilt Retreat in two weeks. I still haven't decided if the computer will leave the room or not. I think for the next few weeks it will just stay put until I decide for sure. Once Mike goes through his stuff I can move some more of my stuff in here. In the mean time though, my frame is set up.

I did run into a snafu with my zippers. Mine are 100" long sleeping bag zippers. I assumed they would work since I thought my frame went up to 102". Well...I guess it's overall length is 102" because the rods are actually 98". Now, what do I do with my zippers? I'm thinking of just making my first set of leaders without zippers so that I can have some to use. Currently I only have the short ones that will work for baby quilts. I do have two baby quilts that need to be quilted but if I'm hoping to get a twin sized quilt quilted this week I'm going to be in trouble and quick. My canvas wasn't that expensive. I think I paid about $12 for three yards so I might as well make the first set of leaders without zippers and then the next time canvas is 50% off and once I figure out what I'm doing I can get another batch of canvas. It'll probably work out best in the long run because I'm a little scared I'm going to screw these leaders up anyway.

We just got back from seeing Saw VI in the theater. OMG, that was a little too much to see on the big screen. Hands were over my eyes quite a bit and those who know me well know I can usually watch all kind of blood, guts and gore because it's just a movie. Yikes. My dad would have been calling me a sissy. My mom would have been saying, "Ken, leave that poor girl alone."

Yes, I grew up watching horror movies. Our main level of our house you could walk completely in a circle through it. We'd be done watching a horror movie and my dad would send me upstairs to look for something. He'd run in the other direction and beat me up the stairs. How he did it, I'll never know. He'd hide under my bed or in my closet so that when I went after whatever it is he sent me for he could jump out at me and scare the living crap out of me. Yeahhhh and now we all wonder why I'm so jumpy.


Kristie said...

Your frame looks so nice. I bet you are happy to have it home. You are very smart, I'm sure you will figure your leaders out perfectly. That is not a bad price for your canvas.

Moneik said...

I'm sure you are so happy to have your frame home. I bet you'll get a lot more done (is that possible) now that you have it home and have room for it.