Sunday, October 7, 2007

Quilting Help on my Hexagon Quilt Top

Ok, I need help! I have this cheater panel. At one point I bought this cheater panel so that I wouldn't have to own every fabric in the line and what happened? I had to own them anyway which is how the Turning Twenty Again quilt came to be.

  1. Quilt the top as "Stitch in the Ditch" on the blocks where they would be pieced. Quilt cable patterns into the border.
  2. Stipple the center, cable patterns in the border.
  3. Stipple the entire thing edge to edge.
This quilt is going to hang in our bedroom when the Turning Twenty Again quilt is on our bed. Oh, who am I kidding; it will spend its life on my side of the bed because I'm always cold!!


Gina said...

I'd stitch in the ditch around each hexagon. I know it would take more time but it would loook more like a pieced quilt than a panel then.

love and hugs xxx

Hedgehog said...

I'd stitch in the ditch, too. Have fun!

Suzan said...

My suggestion would also be to stitch in the ditch around the hexagons, stipple the inner border to make the center panel "pop" and then do the cable or feather the outer border.

Michelle said...

I'm lazy...I'd stipple it all over!

Nancy said...

I'd stitch in the "ditch" around each hexagon - probably not what you want to hear!

Kristie said...

Jen, I think it would look nice stitched in the ditch and the cable in the borders. But whatever is easier for you.

Moneik said...

I would stitch some lines through following the hexagons, but not go around everyone or maybe just do certain random ones, so certain colors or places would pop. I think it might be quilted heavy doing everyone.