Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sensational Saturday

Well, as I sit here at the computer I am frightened at my surroundings. Our spare room currently looks like a bomb went off. We're in the process of emptying it out to turn it into a sewing studio. Mike made one trip to the storage locker on his own today, and tonight we made one together. We've already got the truck loaded for a trip tomorrow. So far we have a desk in there and rubbermaid tubs full of stuff we've been storing over the years. Our spare room has been primarily used for storage the entire time that we've lived here and our computer desk. It sounds like we've been moving a lot of stuff but I guess that depends on which one of us you ask. Mike thinks we've moved tons, me; looking at it all stacked in the unit, not so much stuff!

I've managed to re-locate my scrapbooks to the shelf in the closet. I used to be a very avid scrapbooker but that's fallen by the wayside over the past few years. For the first time ever I looked at my large quantity of finished scrapbooks and thought, where the hell am I ever going to store all these damn things for a lifetime??? Ok, it's great that my pictures are in books but man, is this practical?

My stash, scraps and other fabric stuff has now been moved into the closet that was just vacated by other tubs moving to the storage unit. The rest of the room...well, we've got a LOT of ends to tie up. I'm beat and I still want to do some sewing tonight. I'd like to get my carpenters wheel baby quilt finished and borders on the Yellow Brick Road so that I can quilt both of them tomorrow. I also need to work on my Turning Twenty Again and Bargello quilts tomorrow. Both need borders...and I think the Bargello also needs mitered corners.

It just dawned on me, I have an empty wall in my soon to be sewing studio that I can put a quilt rack on!!

Anyway, when I got up this morning I worked in the spare room for a bit, caught up on my email and blogging and then ran over to my Mom's to quick finish up the purse I was Making for Michelle's Birthday. I fully intended to get that purse done last night but I was so gosh darn tired. As I was putting it together Michelle called to say they were close. I sent my Mom outside to watch for them while I zipped around the outside of the purse so I could turn it. I completely forgot to take a picture of it so hopefully Michelle will take one and send it to me so I can post it. In the purse I put a charm pack and two spools of bottom line thread. One burgundy and one dark green. BUT, when we got home tonight I noticed the burgundy was on my mom's table so either I left one spool out or threw my white spool in by accident! Oh well, we'll get that straightened out when I go down there next weekend!!

I also included a Quilt Pink magazine (Which I highly recommend despite it's $12 price - it's much more than just a magazine, there are great stories and such of survivors and different quilt pink activities. There are also many great patterns inside; two of which I've been toying about buying the patterns for and now don't have to!)

Two of the patterns inside that I've been looking to try are:

I couldn't resist, I picked up the fabric today for the above quilt...

This is French Country (I think that's what it's called), I've admired this quilt since Vera posted the picture on her blog of a customer's quilt. I think I may use some of my Spring Sandy Gervias fabrics for it.

Michelle, her husband Louie and 9 of their friends came up to visit my mom and I and to go to our quilt shops. We took them to lunch at Hawg City which is our favorite local eatery. Then it was on to Bits & Pieces and Patched Works. I think between the three places our group of 13 did quite a bit of damage!! Since I knew the Patched Works had a class going on until 2pm, we decided to hit Bits & Pieces first to give Julie and the Quilty Ladies a chance to catch their breath. I think we spent about 2-1/2 hours at the Patched Works. By the end quite a few of us were camped out on their floor flipping through quilting books.

Here's a picture of our group and Julie in front of the Patched Works.

I made a few necessary purchases today and an unexpected one or two...

I have a charm pack that goes with the above panel. I'll use it for a baby quilt.

Threads to quilt my Bargello and Turning Twenty Again Quilt

All in all, it was a sensational time but boy, am I beat! There's so much more that I could say but I just can't! I'm exhausted!!


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

We did have alot of fun today A nicer group of people you couldn't find anywhere. I too am pooped so I had a nap already. Hopefully there is some sewing in my future for tomorrow. Thanks for th.e fun day

Hedgehog said...

Love both those patterns you have in mind - have fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great but tiring day. I love all of your fabrics and threads, they are beautiful. I have the pattern here somewhere for the layered flower quilt. I thought about making one for Breanna someday. You will have to take a photo of your sewing studio for us later.

Michelle said...

Wow! What a day! The Iowa 'Loose Tensions' Quilters just love Jen and Cindy! Thank you for being our guide around the city. We couldn't have done it without you! My favorite place will always be Julie's Patched Works. We enjoyed Bits & Pieces too, but Julie's is just so friendly and she makes you feel at home. If you can't find it at Julie's, well....maybe it just isn't to be found!

I am still just so tired, but what a wonderful day we had!

Thank you for the birthday gifts.
You are so thoughtful!

teresa said...

Wow Jen, you did have a great day! And hey that empty wall?, could be a design wall?

Maureen said...

Wow Jen you have been busy while I was gone...but so was I! I will hopefully post soon but I sure did miss going with you guys on Saturday. One of these days I hope to meet Michelle's group.


Moneik said...

It sounds like you guys had a fantastic day. I could easily see the panel as a wall hanging for your new sewing studio. It's so springy! I think you picked out some really great patterns.