Monday, October 22, 2007

Sewing Studio To-Do List

  • Move in book case & fill it
  • Swap out TV Stands & add DVD/VHS player from the bedroom
  • Pack up remaining VHS Tapes, organize media shelf
  • Empty and remove Bench
  • Track down a Radio with programmable stations w/ CD Player
  • Move Computer to living room
  • Clear out old computer desk & move large desk out
  • Move in Iris Carts
  • Move in Sewing Machine Table
  • Move in narrow side table.
  • Disassemble Quilt Frame at Mom’s & reassemble in sewing studio
  • Decide if small book shelf stays or moves into living room.
  • Decide if Lighting is something Mike and I can handle or get Dad involved only he doesn’t know it yet.
  • Make Cre8tive Quilter banner for above Closet Doors
  • Make different curtains with Quilt Blocks on them. (Swap curtains with bedroom in the mean time – they would go better in there)


Anonymous said...

Only suggestion is to take the pooch to a safe zone, all movement and activity like this stresses the little 8 year old out.

Moneik said...

That looks like a great list. The guy we listened to Friday night suggested setting up your sewing machine/table and cutting table first and figuring out where you want those and then moving your other stuff in to the room.

Christine said...

Hey Jen,

Thanks for your comments on my sewing table. Looks like you've got some work going on as well, good luck with that!

Not sure why you're not picking up the feed on my quilt blog, it's turned on. You might try this link:

Let me know if it doesn't work.

Happy quilting,

Suzan said...'s always good to have a plan! I agree with Moneik. It really is easiest to start with the largest stuff, see how that fits into the way you work and then add everything else. Sounds like the room is huge!

Michelle said...

I would assume that your dvd player will play a cd? Does that help?

Cindy said...

I love your bargello quilt!!!! Nice job on your awesome frame!