Monday, October 8, 2007

So, I had a melt down

Yep, you heard it here. I had a complete and total melt down. I was sewing along at my mom’s trying to get a baby quilt done so I can get it on the frame and Ding and Dong (Holly & Murphy) just kept getting in the way of me laying it out. Now, I know they do this…why would I think otherwise? Normally it’s cute, tonight; not so much. They kept laying right on top of the part I’d need to be working on. I know, this was just a bid for attention but man oh man it sent me just out of control. I packed up my stuff in about 5 minutes and went home telling Holly I was leaving her there because she pissed me off.

I know this wasn’t rational but I was at my breaking point. I feel like I’m always sewing on the go. Don’t get me wrong, I love sewing with my mom. I don’t mind going to her house one bit because then both dogs can hang out together but there are days man, there are days when I’m just tired of packing up and unpacking. Once in a while I just want to sew at home in the comforts of my set up.

I just feel like lately I’m NEVER home and I finally WANT to be home. I want to spend time with Mike even if we’re just occupying the same space and doing two totally different things. I want to have the option from time to time to have someone to MY house to sew instead of ME packing up and going. It would be so nice to be able to sew a bit, change the laundry, sew a bit, fold the laundry, etc.

I want more than anything to be home so I can start going through the boxes that need to go into storage so that I can put together my sewing room. Which is a joke in itself because right now my sewing space is extending into 3 different areas of the apartment. That’s probably why Mike agreed to the sewing room because I’m sure he’s tired of my sewing area behind the couch, my rotary mat being on the kitchen table and the ironing board being up in the living room. He’s probably hoping for some kind of containment to my stuff and I really can’t blame him.

I sure hope he visits me in my sewing room. Maybe I should move the massage chair in there so that he HAS to visit.

As for Holly, I went back to my mom’s about an hour later to get her. I was wrong to leave her. I feel like an awful doggie mom. I AM an awful doggie mom. It’s a good thing she has a short memory. Mike on the other hand does not and I’m sure I’ll be reminded of this every day for the rest of my life.


Suzan said...

You poor thing! I am sure it is stressful never being home and also having to keep packing and unpacking your sewing stuff. You are so busy with so many projects that a "melt down" was probably inevitable! I bet that once you have your own sewing space, you will feel less stressed out...and maybe your mom will come and sew with you!

teresa said...

You definetely need to sew at home, invite your mom over to sew with you, like the saying goes "Just do it", besides what the worst thing that could happen if you sewed at home for a few days, believe the world won't come to end and you will feel sooooo good ! take care , Teresa.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has meltdowns, don't worry. Just relax and remember that there is always tomorrow!
How about you and your mom switch off on who's house you sew at, that way it is sharing in the 'packing' of the sewing stuff and you each get a chance to sew in your own environment. I think it is a great idea to have your own sewing room.... that way you can leave things out and just shut the door so Mike (and Holly) won't mind as much...
Holly knows her mommy loves her.. but sometimes mommy's do need an hour to unwind!
Hope things are better for you.

Michelle said...

Don't beat yourself up, sweetie! could be that you are just tired....afterall, you go 99 miles a minute all the need to rest. Maybe you and Mike need to have a weekend all to yourself, like when you dated. Sometimes, I know, I miss Louie, when he gets busy with pool leagus, and such, and I miss him. But you are right. When we are in the same house, but don't converse much, that is still ok...we are together. For some people, that is hard to understand, but I understand completely. Holly loves you. Don't beat yourself up.
Love, Michelle

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I've been melting down a lot lately. I'm never here to get done what I want to get done and I'm always running for other people because I can't say no.

cps said...

Oh, I don't think you're a bad doggy mom! Sometimes you just need break and then things get better. Like they did. Sounds like you are woking on getting your own sewing space! That's awesome! So happy for you:0) I know it's hard for me to pack it all up to go to group. A lot of times I'll just take some hand work and leave the machine set up at home :0)

Moneik said...

I completely understand your melt down. I had one similar just before my brothers wedding. I was at my parents and I wanted to organize/clean/declutter my moms sewing room so we could have more room and it would be functional for her. I was so mad that she didn't want my help and really it was that she knew we didn't have time to waste cleaning her sewing room. I also have weeks where I am gone every night, but I always try to find a night to be home with Paul, even when we are as you say in the same place, but doing our own things. Do you have a travel kit for sewing? I found that I enjoy going to class a lot more now that I have two of all my essentials. I just carry my sewing caddy and I never have to worry that I don't have what I need or have to pack to go. I just grab and go. If I'm working on special project: ie. basting a quilt, then I have to grab the safety pins, but otherwise I have everything. I only invested like $20 bucks to make it too. I went to Hancocks and Fabric warehouse when they were having 50% off notions and got what I needed.

Kristie said...

You poor thing! I do that sometimes over everything. Don't worry everyone needs to do that once in a while. I get so depressed sometimes over my space. I have no place to really sew except at my kitchen table. Where we live now is like 950 sq ft. and the house that we are building is 3200 sq ft. So that is the only thing keeping me sane.