Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Strip Poker & Pie!

Tonight we went out for our standard Bakers Square pie and played Strip Poker at Patched Works. When I got to Patched Works, Kelly was there. I completely forgot that I was supposed to stop at Bits & Pieces on my way there to pick up a stack of Project Linus Quilts that need binding attached. I felt awful. Then to make things worse after she said she had these I walked right into the store. Talk about a DUMMY!! I needed to open my trunk so that I could take all these quilts.

I think I came away about even for poker. I've decided that I want to start cycling my batik strips out of my poker bag so that I can use that Eclipse pattern that I used for the Breast Cancer Squares for a batik scrappy quilt. I just think that would be fun. I'll have to go through some more of my scraps so I can cut strips to replace the ones that I take out.

Almost a year ago the company that I work for broke ground on our new addition. We finally were able to move in today! Woo hoo. I finally have a real chair that I can sit in without hurting my back or neck. It's so bright in our new addition. Now I need art work for my cubicle walls. I'm thinking of using some of my bargello scraps and making a tiny one because it would fit in with our office's color scheme. I also need to make a new quilted photo frame. My spring pastel one just doesn't fit in!! Time for something new.

I was going to stop to pick up my sewing machine on the way home from Pie but I think I'll just go tomorrow after work. I started writing down my measurements from my first Bargello Panel so that I can cut for the next one. I'm soooo afraid of screwing up this second batch of cutting.


Maureen said...

Ohh Strip Poker and Pie were soooo much fun.

I gave Mark the piece of Pumpkin Pie I brought him and he really liked it. Yeah!


Moneik said...

Sounds like you had a good time at Strip poker! Don't worry about the quilts. Everyone forgets once in a while.