Saturday, October 20, 2007

Super Busy Saturday!

Are you ready for this? I sure crammed a lot into one day!!

I got up around 6am which is a complete feat for me because I am NOT a morning person. I ironed the binding for my Bargello and my Turning Twenty Again quilts. Hopped in the shower and packed my clothing and toiletries. Pulled out my Singer 2010 sewing machine to take along because Michelle wanted to have a go at cleaning it up and fixing it if she could. Called mom to ask to borrow her box of feet because I couldn't find mine and noticed I had a walking foot on it. Looked at my stack of stuff that I needed to take and realized there was no good option for a bag so I snagged one of the Rubbermaid Tubs that we just bought to pack things up for storage and threw both of my quilts, their backings, my sewing notions, backpack with clothes and bag with Misc. stuff into it.

Realized that my Bargello was longer than I originally thought it was and had the "oh shit" moment of knowing it was so early in the morning and I didn't have the correct batting for it. Ran to Walmart and then met mom at 8:30 for breakfast at McDonalds. Walmart by the way has phased out their supply of batting and now only has bags of polyester and 45" wide Warm and Natural on a bolt.

By 9am, Mom and I were at Bits & Pieces for our block of the month. I cannot wait to make this block; it's VERY cool. I've never seen this block before. I actually didn't make a single purchase at Bits & Pieces. I would have picked up a few more pink and black fat quarters but I couldn't remember which ones I have. I think I need to print out the picture of them and keep it in my purse so that I don't have any duplicates. I think I need 10 more for my quilt.

By 10am, Mom and I were at Frank's Sewing Center for the Gracie Quilt Frame class. Learned a few new tips and was able to get the batting that I needed for the Bargello. Thank God!! I also picked up some different threads for my two quilts that I was going to be quilting because the threads that I had originally picked out weren't going to work the way that I wanted them to. I thought I could use Aurifil for the top and Bottom line in the bobbin but Wendy said that wasn't a good combination. So I ended up with a Star Brand. Then I noticed that they had another spool of the fall variegated that I picked up the week before so I nabbed that. I was sweating it earlier in the week because I couldn't get another one so I had picked up a really pretty Star Brand fall variegated thread so now I had to decide which to use.

By 11:30 I was on the road. I hit the gas station to top off my tank and got onto the freeway at 11:45. I had a really nice and easy drive to Iowa. To keep my hands on the wheel and not playing with my MP3 player I opted to bring along a Harry Potter book on CD. I've read them all tons of times so I just pulled out book 6 to listen to. I made really good time and was at Michelle & Louie's by about 3. They hadn't gotten home yet from running their errands so I just sat on their porch and made a few yo-yo's until they got there.

By about 5 we had my Bargello quilt loaded and decided we liked the coloring in the Star Brand thread over the Sulky thread. Yes, the colors are great but holy cow was there the lint! OMG! I've used it for piecing with no problems but at high speeds it's awfully linty.

By 6 we were scrambling to get out the door and to Obie's for dinner so that we could beat the Saturday Night church crowd...and let me tell you, we JUST beat them!

Michelle took a look at my Singer 2010 and gave it a good cleaning and found what my problem is. Now at least I'll have an extra machine at the house. This way if my machine is on the frame and I want to sew something quick I'll be able to. I also have a little Janome Jem but its stitch quality never was anything like my good old Singer so this will be great. Plus if I have any visitors in my sewing room they won't necessarily have to bring their machine. Michelle will now and forever be known as "The Sewing Machine Whisperer." =)

By 10pm we were cutting my Bargello off of the frame and breaking it down so that we could set it up outside in the garage at the larger size for my Turning Twenty Again Quilt.

By this point Michelle and I were both so exhausted that we really screwed up loading the quilt. It was as if we had both lost our minds. Plus, there was this ONE Asian beetle (orange lady bug looking thing) that kept landing on my quilt when we were trying to roll it. I thought for sure we'd end up rolling him up in it!

Bed time!


Maureen said...

Wow I don't think you could add anything else to your were one busy lady. I hope you had a good time!

jillquilts said...

I agree! You did a LOT in one day!!

Moneik said...

Sounds like you did have a very busy day! Nothing like getting some work done. Guess you'll have to be lazy next weekend.

Kristie said...

Wow!!! What a day!! I don't know how you do it all.