Wednesday, November 28, 2007

26 Days of Holiday Sewing to go

Just as I was typing up a spreadsheet this morning listing out the gifts that I need to make yet I got the SewThankful Newsletter and noticed that Tracy had Christmas sewing listed as 3 more weekends. OMG, are you kidding me? I was having a heart attack, I was sure of it! Flipping frantically through my calendar I realized that WHEW there's 4. Wait, who am I kidding? I haven't even really STARTED sewing for Christmas Yet. I think I've got one or two gifts...KINDA started. Man, I have got to get my ass in gear!

Ok, so at least I got my organization down pat. My spreadsheet is in order. I know what needs to be done and I'm good at quilting under pressure. Ok, those around me may disagree but it's my thing. I'm insane but come on, this blog isn't called the INSANE RAMBLINGS OF A CRE8TIVE QUILTER for nothing right? RIGHT??

Sew, breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.

(I'm looking around the desk hoping to hell I don't see another centipede.)

I think the coast is clear.

Seriously, I think it's time to get a flea bomb. We got a puppy when I was in high school from the Humane Society. His name was Sherman Tank and he came with FLEAS! OMG. OMG. OMG!! Stupid fleas. The flea crawled out onto his forehead and waved to my mom. Needless to say he was dipped and we let off some bombs. By some I mean overkill of course. They were good for 1000 square feet each. My mom bought one for every single room AND a couple for the basement. Talk about some bug free living for YEARS!! No spiders, no nothing.

Now, I've got to tell you all about my Sherman. His full given name was Sherman Tank because I figured he'd grow big and he didn't dissapoint. He answered to Shermy, Shermy Wormy, Mo, Shermo, Along Came Sherman the Worm, Shermy-pottmus and I'm sure hundreds of other names that I've since forgotton. Although I grew up with dogs and probably have only been without a dog for a total of 6 months in my almost 31 years, he was the first dog that was MINE. I loved him dearly. When I moved into my apartment, he came with me. Unfortunately, not long after he was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. So, we lost my Grandpa on the 22nd of November and I lost my Mo (Shermo) on November 30th of the same year. Ok, let's break while everyone goes off to scratch their fur kids' ears.

Egadds, did I have bad hair. Why didn't anyone tell me how craptastic I looked in longer hair?!? Geeze, I suppose it was 1999. Hey, Mom's hair was a great color. Maybe I should shoot for that color. I need to ditch my blonde highlights soon, they seem to scream at me when I look in the mirror.

Sherman LOVED to swim. He saw Mike in the middle of a lake once and decided he was going to swim out to him. Yeah, that was interesting. Giggle. He also was a big fan of talking kids toys. He beat the crap out of a Talking Elmo and yet walk over to you and push his belly once and out of 5 sayings it would always say, "Elmo Loves You" when he put it in your lap.

Wow, talk about getting off topic. Dee dee dee, where was I going? Oh yeah, Christmas Sewing. I didn't get anything done tonight. Mike and I went out bumming. In my family bumming is shopping, or window shopping. If you're my Grandma it's Bummin. =) We looked at Target and Office Max at desks. The computer desk we have now is just too flipping large. It might literally get the ax. My mom doesn't want it, my dad doesn't want it...I'm stuck with it. I've hated it since day one....and that was when I was about 10. Then we hit Ace Hardware. That's never a place we can go into quickly. Mike worked at Ace all through High School and College. So he knows everyone, at everyone of the local stores. Many of the guys have worked there on an off for 20+ years. I suppose it's the equivalent of me walking into a quilting store. So while he chatted it up, I got sewing items. Plastic tubing to cut into pieces and put over bobbins to keep them from coming undone, Velcro straps to tie up the cords on my frame, PVC pipe to make quilt block roll ups, heavy duty magnets with hooks that I can put on my cutting table to hang my rulers from. Yeah, I was busy! The whole hardware store trip was sewing related. We went in there for a tap so that he can re-tap the holes on the bottom of my sewing machine table so that I can put Mighty Mounts that I bought at work on the bottom of my sewing table to cut the vibration. If they're good enough for heavy duty machines, they're good enough for my sewing table. I can't wait till they're on so I can take a picture. It will make my co-workers giggle, that's for sure.

Here's the description of them: Mighty Mounts™ are ideal for drill presses, grinders, CNC machines, die casting machines, punch presses, saws, and injection molding equipment. High level of shock and vibration isolation for extended machinery life, reduces noise levels. Sturdy, reliable construction and safety yellow finish. Full inch of elastomer padding is oil resistant. Meets OSHA anchoring standards.

Aren't you all just on the edge of your seats wondering what the heck they look like? Yeah, I know you're probably not.

By the time we got home I just wasn't feeling crafty so I read my new Quilters Home Magazine. I bought it even though I subscribed. I'm just not sure which issue will be the first one in my mail box.

Ohh, I forgot to mention that I bought the Josh Grobin Christmas CD. I'm a Christmas Music Junkie. But over the last few years I try to limit myself to one new CD a year. Right now on our computer I have 468 different versions of Christmas Songs. I'm sure that's trivia you could have done without.

Hmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm. I think that might be all I've got for right now.
Nope, I remembered one more thing. It was time today to change Holly out of her Thanksgiving bandana and put on her Christmas Holly one. I realized that just about every bandana in her bag was dirty so I threw them all in the wash. She's been wearing bandana's for about 3 years now...I didn't realize how many she had accumulated until I laid them out. But, they're so quick to make and you just need a 12-1/2 inch square for a large dog so why not? I sense a tutorial coming. My fur kid has more clothing than Mike and I combined!! Wow, I just counted them. She has 41. I only need 11 more and she can have a different one each week. Shaking my head. You know, now if we take them off of her she gets pissy until you put a new one on.


Connie said...

Loved seeing the pics of Sherman! You can just tell that dog was a serious love nugget (family phrase, weird, I know)--I know how you feel about missing him and am glad that you have so many great memories. I have to laugh every time I see you say "craptastic" or "craptacular"--that is my little brother's favorite phrase too! Cracks me up!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I just posted a pic of one of my I detect a theme? Should I worry because we're having the same thoughts? Dog related? You know you can make the entire world a king size quilt in three weeks...well...I know it. You rock the house down! Have a great day!

Moneik said...

Wow the pictures are so cute. I was just going to say I like the long hair when you said you hated it. I have such fine hair that when it gets long it gets really ugly, so I always wanted to be able to have nice long hair.
The bandanas are so cute, but I don't think Missy would ever wear them. I can't believe we only have 4 weekends left till x-mas. I better get busy!

Maureen said...

I have decided that given the amount of time between Christmas and now...I give up....I officially did not start Holiday Sewing there will be no Holiday Sewing for me. Things have been too hectic so maybe next year!!!

I love the pictures of Sherman...I was just looking at puppy pictures my mom sent me of Miss Emma...I can't beleive she was that small. Anyways she is snoring right now so I should maybe try some hand sewing or something.

Kristie said...

What a nice looking dog! I'm sure you still miss him. Oh, and I like you hair in the photos. I really want to get my hair cut a little bit before Christmas. My hair is straight and hangs below my waist. Hunter is the reason it is so long, he cries everytime I mention cutting it.

Heather said...

Sherman sounds so loveable. I'm sure you miss him but the family memories will be treasured. I have been taking pictures of my little monkeys every couple of days and sending them to mom. She calls them her grand kitties. I bought a plaster mold thing to put their paw prints in for christmas to give to mom and dad.. were not supposed to be exchanging... shhh.