Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Batik Club

Tonight as I was waiting to go to Batik Club I was typing away on the computer and I saw a GIANT centipede run across my desk. Ok, that's just a little too close to home for this bugaphobe. Sure there's probably a better term but like I can remember that. Whatever, all I know is that this sucker was huge and running a little too close to home if you know what I mean. Ok, floors...I don't like them there either but NOT ON MY FRIGGING DESK, and not mere centimeters from my keyboard!! This is the first one I've seen in about 6 months so that's a good thing but jeeze louise. I don't need to see them, not now, not ever. And no mom, it wasn't comforting to hear you say that if I had centipedes I didn't have any other kind of bugs. I want NO bugs. Mike immediately started making fun of me. I told him by the time I got back from Batik Club I wanted to see the dead body. He claims he found it and killed it but I know he was just saying that to pacify me.

Mom, Maureen and I met at Bakers Square for dinner and then we were on our way to Batik Club at Patched Works. The selections of fabric this time around are called Ocean Jewels. They're awesome! I think I can work a previously purchased batik into this selection.

Julie introduced a pattern called City Scapes by Sharon Hultgren. Julie did hers using 6 fabrics and she was challenging us to use 12 different fabrics. Yeah, you all know what happens when I get challenged! LOL. You know this means, GAME ON. It's funny because I hate competitive games, but I love challenges. I have the 1/4 yard pack of fabric and if I get desparate and need more, Mom said that I can play with her pack. =) So I have two months....I've got to get Christmas Gifts out of the way and then I can play.

Of course, afterwards we went to Bakers Square for pie...because it seems that we can't do Patched Works without the Pie!


Carla said...

I so appreciated your centipede story because our family spent about an hour discussing centipedes in depth Thanksgiving Day. My daughter was home from California and she apparently had never seen one when she lived here before she left for college. Well, she saw one that day and freaked out and so that was the topic of conversation including researh online by my curious husband to share all kinds of facts about them. You probably don't want to know about what we learned!

Moneik said...

Oh how funny! I can just imagine Jen. Just think at least it wasn't a snake. We used to have snakes all the time in our basement growning up!
I love the batiks! Challenges are always fun.

Kristie said...

That was a cute little bug story!! Can't wait to how you do on your CHALLENGE! I'm sure it will turn out great.