Friday, November 23, 2007

Vacation Day #7 Black Friday Shopping

Mike and I went out this morning to a few stores. From the ads, we were after NOTHING which was a bummer. He did find a tool chest that he wanted for his Brother for Christmas so there we were at 5 to 5 in a line at Walmart. No was kind of a bummer. Usually in the first store of the morning I like to buy some everyday stuff just to make the check out clerks roll their eyes. Today it was face lotion & body soap.

We hit McDonalds for breakfast and then went to Target. They had a HUGE line so we were going to kill some time with Office Max only to find that they didn't open until 7. Forget that. We sat in the car for a while and then once the doors opened at Target and went inside. We picked up a few cheap movies, some of those moving men discs for under things, a roll of paper towels and a few books for a birthday party I'm going to tomorrow.

Then we were done so, Mike offered to go to Jo-Ann's with me. Ummm ok, we've gone there before on Black Friday but never to have anything cut at the cutting table. I'm NEVER GOING TO DO THAT AGAIN. Explain to me this....why are the ladies with two and three carts full of bolts of fabric needing to be cut the bitchiest people on the planet? I think on sale days like that Joann's should dedicate one or two cutters to these people with large orders and have the rest of the people cutting for the normal shoppers. Or, they should have a person or two just for say 10 bolts or less. I wish I would have had my camera with me so you could all see the nonsense that we endured. I wish I could say I was exaggerating a bit on the amount of carts people had but I'm not. I watched one lady almost get smacked down for thinking that the three carts full another woman had was just fabric headed back to be shelved. I think "snuggle flannel" was on sale for 99 cents a yard. Seriously when I was getting cut, there was a woman with a stack of cut fabric that had to be about 3 feet high. Probably nothing over 2 yards. She asked what she was up to. $80. OMG, that poor cutter!! She still had like a full cart to go. At one point I almost bought the entire bolt of Warm & Natural just to make my life easier. I even had that ticket in my hand because a lady brought the slip back to me since I had told her where the Warm and Natural bolts were hiding. So there I was calculating things out on my phone thinking it was a 30 yard bolt. At 50% off with another 20% off it still would have come out to $20 more expensive than I can get online WITH shipping. But, then the bolt turned out to be 40 yards so I nixed that idea without evening calculating it. Just not at all worth it so I decided that 15 yards should get me through the holidays and I continued to wait. I turned Mike loose and he went down to Sports Authority. Then I saw the register line getting longer and longer and longer and the people were getting uglier and uglier and uglier. So when I had about 5 numbers in front of me yet for cutting I called Mike and asked him to come back and stand in the register line. I finally get done being cut and the women behind me at the cutting table are all jeering about how I just think I'm done and now they think it's funny because I still have to go wait in the long register line. I couldn't help myself. I turned around and said something about my husband and team work and that he was only 2 people from the register at that point and went on my merry way. Honestly, had that been my mom and I, we would have done the same darn thing, we wouldn't both have stood in the same line. Why other people don't do that is beyond me.

Once we were on the road, I noticed that my receipt wasn't quite right, thankfully in my favor. On a normal day, I would have gone back but since being at that cutting counter I had seen what a few people had to go through to get things corrected. They were actually making them pull a new number and wait in line. Ok, I was number 88 and I know that there were a few people sitting up at number 55 to be cut. Can you imagine having to wait in line again behind people with carts full of flannel to be cut just so you can have Joann's rectify something they screwed up on? I'd leave my stuff behind first. It's just not worth it. They do this to themselves though...why would you put out flannel for 99 cents a yard and not put a limit on how much you can get cut per transaction? Make these 3 cart people wait a little longer.

I ended up with 15 yards of warm and natural batting - 90" wide, a 15 yard sealed bolt of 90" wide muslin, a 10 yard sealed bolt of white flannel ($9.90 for the bolt!!), 4 pairs of Fiskars scissors, some styles of sewing machine needles that I didn't currently have in my stash and I spent WELL UNDER $100. I think I might frame my receipt and put it on the wall behind my quilt frame.

I had planned to go over to Patched Works but they didn't open until 10 and we were home at 8:30. Patched Works would have required me taking a shower and you know...that couch and a quilt were just calling my name so I took one heck of a nap. Now I think it's time to do some sewing. I'm going to throw another one of my mom's quilts on the frame.

Oh, and last night we were in bed and I decided that Holly needed a pillow for her head so I pulled one up from the floor for her. I think she liked it because she fell fast asleep very quickly and started to snore. It was soooo freaking hilarious. She's a cute little snore-er.


Michelle said...

You are one brave little cookie! No way would I ever try those special sales. I would rather pay full price than handle that kind of stress! I'm happy you found lots of bargains though, and I'm glad you thought it was worth it.

Winona said...

I went to JoAnns this morning too. It was a madhouse! One couple in the front of the line bought over 500 yards of flannel. I waited for 40 minutes just to get mine cut. Never again! I will pay higher prices. Glad you got a few bargains. I actually bought 58 yards of flannel myself. They had 4 cutters and everyone was folding their own fabric as it was cut. It was just crazy.
I really enjoy your blog.

Hazel said...

I went to Joanns Friday evening and got 4 Ott lights there was no line up at all .Those lights are $80.00 in Canada .Ok so my husband and I went in twice with 50% off coupons LOL They were still only 29.00 the same price as the door crasher sale .I don't think I could handle what you went through today .

Maureen said...

Mark and I braved the stores at 5 AM. We waited in a line around Circuit City for 38 minutes I believe. We had only moved a short distance. We couldn't feel our feet or our legs...okay time to go. We only saw the front of the store as we walked in and out and drove away. Ohh well. We then went to Best Buy and there we were able to get problem. Depending on what you bought depended on what line you went in. Wow they were organized...some stuff you had to wait in a really long line for. Anyways I know what you went through and I don't think I could have faced going back for a price adjustment esp. if it was in your favor. Also Wow...I don't think Mark would ever offer to go into Joann's.


Moneik said...

Your days sounds a lot like the one Paul and I had, except I gave up at Hancocks and said oh well to getting the fabric cut. I couldn't handle the nonsense!