Saturday, November 24, 2007

Frame Modifications

Today Mike made some modifications to my Little Gracie II Quilting Frame.

I had a bracket towards the rear of my machine carriage that was just too wide. I couldn't get my thread path to work well so I removed it. But removing it wasn't a good answer, just temporary. Mike added a threaded rod a little higher up to help hold the back end together.



He also added a wing nut to make my thread guide more stable and a plastic cap on the end so that my threads don't get caught.

This set of legs was missing a brace. Mike put a threaded rod between them to stabilize it and keep them together.

The other night we put the little "Moving Men" sliders on the bottom of the legs so that I can slide my frame out easier when I go to use it. When it's not in use I have it pushed against the wall.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get Mike to hang a quilt rack that I have on the wall. I'll put my Bargello there for the time being. I'm also going to have him drill two little holes in my big cutting mat. Then I can hang the mat on the wall behind the quilt/rack when I'm not using it so that it doesn't warp.

Mike also picked me up two toolboxes from Ace. One has all of my extra frame parts and the other has my scissors, needles, seam ripper, bobbins, etc. that I need when I use my frame.


Michelle said...

Go Mike! Awesome improvements! You should love your frame even more, now. Also, with those legs fixed, it should be way more stable now. Thanks for posting and showing us. You may have just helped many people who will read your blog improve their setups too.

Kristie said...

Great Job! Don't you just love being married to a handyman! Richard is like that too. Hope it works better for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jen.

Long time no write! Sorry, I have been dealing with some health issues. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2000 and finished my radiation in May of 2001. Every thing has been fine but then I started having an issue with Lucy (RB) so the doc sent me for an MRI and they found something in Ethel (LB). So, I had an ultrasound and it was decided that it had been there for three years or so (no one had mentioned it to me!) and so we will just watch it. My daughter was freaked out and so I had a second opinion from a BC specialist and she concurred and we are just going to have digital mammos and MRI alternating every six months. How fun! But, at least we won't be squished! Expensive but worth it, I guess.

So, I have been doing some stuff here and there but my camera decided to bite the dust and I think Santa is bringing me a new one so I don't want to buy one. I sold the little angel quilt to a mom for her daughter's birthday. I am finishing it up today and wish I could post a picture because it is so cute now that it is hanging from a little oak twig with streamers. Oh, well.

Jen, I just love reading your blog and hope that you and Cindy patch it up real quick. I am divorced and I know that my kids wish that holidays could be the same as before but they can't. We just have to make new traditions. I find the holidays especially hard because I am alone and it is awful to come home from a family dinner and enter a dark and cold house. Okay, that's my pity party for the day!

I am going to return to blogging as soon as I get back into the routine of life again.

Love ya.


Maureen said...

Yeah Mike! I am glad Mike was able to help you...everything looks great.