Friday, November 16, 2007


When I was growing up we always tried to see how long we could go before we turned the heat on. Of course, this didn't happen when I was a little kid because that would have just been cruel. Mom's "rule" was always October first...never before. Over the years we'd "push" it to see if we could make it to November first. We've done that for many years now. Last year I pushed it all the way to December first.

Now, before you all reel in horror. It's just done in fun with the idea of, throw another quilt on you we have enough. It's the funny competition of who is going to give in first. I'm also adding that we live in an upper apartment so we do benefit from the heat being used downstairs. In fact, there's a lot of time during winter that we end up having the patio door cracked open because it's too hot. Since our apartment is only 1000 square feet, we can literally do some laundry and run the dryer to warm things up. The dishwasher does it's part too!

Mike and I made it to November First but now the heat got turned on this morning. It was just a little too chilly. Last night while sewing my hands were getting stiff so it was time. We'll probably put the plastic on the windows in the bedroom but will wait to put it on the patio door until we're done grilling for the year.

So, do you have any funny Heat rules in your house?


Moneik said...

One year in college I lived in the basement of an old house. My roommates thought we should keep it at 68 degrees all the time, but I was about frozen, so I kept turning it up to at least 72. We fought over it most of the winter. Luckily now we have a programable heater, so it comes on in the morning, warms it up while we are getting ready, by 7:30 it goes down to 65, then we turn it up when we get home, and have it programmed to go back to 65 at 9. When I stay up too late, that is when I get really cold because the heat has gone down.

Connie said...

In my childhood I can remember the house being SUPER chilly overnight to save energy. My kids are getting to the point of staying under covers at night now, so maybe we'll be starting to lower the thermostat overnight! Right now we're at 68 deg the whole day. (BTW--We never quit grilling! I've been out in deep snow hittin' the grill!)

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I cave in this year before Jen and Mike did. I gave in last week and turned my heat on. I live in a lower unit and last year I hardly had the heat on at all. This year I'm so cold at work all day that once I get home I can't warm up. Besides Murphy has really short hair and the only place for his kennel is near the front door and I'd hate for him to be in it all day and be cold. We have thermostates in each room but the only one on is the livingroom on low.

Kristie said...

Sorry Jen, but I hate being COLD. We use our fireplace about all winter and only turn the heat on at night. We have tons of firewood from the sawmill so it's free heat. If I didn't have that I would probably wait a while before turning on the furnace.

jillquilts said...

Man, I feel like a wuss! I have had my heat on for about a month! Well, it's been on and set at 68, but it would turn off when we were having the warmer weather. And I know about the blankets - right now, I have a comforter and 3 blankets on top of that!