Thursday, November 29, 2007

My trip to Bigsby's Sewing Center

Today I recieved an email from my friend Karen, we were talking about Miranda and purse handles and she said that Bigsby's Sewing Center had a great selection. I've lived in this area my whole life, I'm not sure how it happened that I never went to Bibsby's before. I guess I just assumed that they were only a sewing machine dealer and since I bought my machine's at Frank's Sewing Center I just knocked it out of my mind.

Now, I should have known. Does Frank's just carry machines? No, the carry LOTS of things as does Bigsby's. I went there straight from work and was just blown away at all the different things that they carried. I felt like I was cheating on my Mom since I was there without her so I left and ran home to get her.

They have a nice stock of thread. While it's not as diverse as Frank's, for the most part it's completely different thread than Frank's carries. I don't think there's much duplication between the two stores. The only thread that stuck out as duplication was Bottom Line.

I bought a beautiful YLI thread called Variations in the color of Ocean. It's a 2-ply trilobal polyester. Actually the whole line of thread drew me in and then I stood there looking at each color wondering what I had at home that I could use it for. Finally I remembered that I have an Ocean Waves quilt that I'm dying to start. This thread will be perfect to use for it's quilting.

What's better, I just figured out what I'm going to use my 40% off coupon for at Patched Works after I finish up my coupon book. I need about 6 yards of white or off white for ocean waves. I'm going to go and buy myself a really nice fabric!!, did they have the notions! Not necessiarly things I hadn't seen before, but things I hadn't seen locally. Since I'm a gadget girl, this really speaks to me. I DID buy the 12" long PINK Add-A-Quarter ruler. I know what you're thinking Mike, that I bought yet another gizmo just because it was pink. No, not the case. The regular Add A Quarter rulers are dangerous enough...I feel like my fingers are just too close to the edge. Well try being that close and having to slide your ruler to cut at the same time. I'm a clutz, we know this...I needed the longer ruler for my saftey.

Purse These aren't your average Clover purse handles. Although, there's nothing wrong with those either because I do lust after some of the ones I've seen online. These are actual, thick, beautiful, leather purse handles from an actual cow...not a synthetic one! I bought a brown pair and I can't wait to get my Miranda finished up and these handles on. Hmmm, how do I describe them? They're the color of dark brown shoe leather, really dark like you just pulled out the shoe polish and polished them.

Wow, shoe polish, does anyone use that anymore? I used to polish work shoes all the time but now that I'm a crocs wearer I haven't had to polish. Although I do have Croc Butter so that I can keep my Crocs nice and shiny, looking like new. I'll admit it, I was probably a shoe polishing junkie. I pilfered my dad's shoe shining kit probably about 15 years ago. I wonder if he has any idea that I have it?? Giggle. Of all the things to pilfer from ones parents...I take a shoe shining kit. Yeah, we all knew I was special.

What's more fun is that Bigsby's also carries fabric. Lots of beautiful batiks and prints that I haven't seen elsewhere. I fell in love with a few fabrics. I have a blue pansy fabric in my stash that I want to use as a focal fabric. I've been collecting some lime greens, blues and purples to go with it. I know I need a few more so I'll dig those out one of these days and head over there to get a few things that match. It's funny becasue I always forget which color I need more of. I would have guessed green but it's the purple now that I look at this picture. Now that I look at this fabric, the Oceans thread would look smashing with this quilt too.

The two ladies who were working (I'm assuming the owners) were very nice. I had emailed earlier in the day to be a part of their mailing list. They remembered my name when I handed over my debit card. My mom was looking for sewing machine oil so that she can oil her scissors. They had some and kept it behind the counter and before they handed it over they asked what kind of machine so that they could advise on if it really should be oiled or not or if that was the proper oil or if it should be greased instead. I was impressed by that. It's not like they were just out to make a buck.

The only bad part about the store was that something in there made my mom's hands swell. She went from "Normal to Shrek" hands really quick. So much so that I had even taken a double take of her hands before she said anything about them swelling. I thought it was just my imagination when I saw them. She was thinking some kind of dye, I'm thinking maybe some wool because my throat started to get a little phlemmy by the time we left too. Next time I'll just pop an allergy pill before hand.

My point is, it's never too late to go to a store that you've either never been to or haven't been to in years. It's been years and their store focus might have changed and it's good to know what's in your area.

For my local Quilting friends, if you've never been, now is the time to go and explore. It's on 124th & North in the strip mall with Sendick's and Kohl's Department Store.

And Karen...we'll have to get you out to Frank's one of these days. =)


Moneik said...

After hearing about your amazing trip there I so want to go. Sounds like it was a really fun store to go in. So glad to hear you picked up your mom so she didn't get left out. I heard of a new store, now I just have to find the time to go over there. It's really out of the way for me and I haven't seen any advertisements for them, but now you've hooked me and I may go there tomorrow. Your handles sound so cool.

Suzan said...

I laughed when I read your comment about feeling like you were cheating on your Mom so you went home to get her! I quilt with my sister and whenever I go into a quilt shop without her, I feel guilty. I was just in at our local Joann's along on Saturday and one of the clerks asked where my sister was. She accused me of cheating on my sister! :)

Kristie said...

Sounds like you had a great shopping trip. Glad you found another place to shop around. We don't have anything close to us here.

Michelle said...

Sure, Jen, tease me!

Maureen said...

Ohhh...I like to go to Bigsby's Sewing Center! That is where Mark got me my Bernina from! When we were married less than a year, he bought me a Bernina for my birthday. They started carrying fabric about 4 to 5 years ago. At first it when I bought my machine it was a bolt here and a bolt there...well they keep adding. Last time I was in I saw they added hand dyes. And you are right....ohh they have fun threads and notions!


Karen said...

I've got the engine running, waiting to to hear you found something new at Bigsbys.