Thursday, November 15, 2007

Project Linus Binding Marathon

I need to turn all the Project Linus stuff that I have outstanding on Saturday when I see Kelly so I was in a rush to make sure it all got done tonight. I bound 14 quilts and put borders on 4 tops.

I've even become quite adept at making binding and then sewing it on without ironing it in half first! LOL.

But wow...the four tops that I put borders on were tops that my Grandma put together and they were quite challenging. Since the tops come to us in kits, the borders are pre-cut. The tops are supposed to be 6 blocks by 7. You put the borders on the sides first and have just enough. You put the borders across the top and the bottom and have just enough. Unfortunately all 4 of my Grandma's she managed to put them together 5 across and 8 down. How she managed this I have no idea. All I know is I had to do some ridiculous stuff to make the borders work with the fabric that I had. I also had to do a LOT of repairs which took me longer than if I would have just sewn the tops myself. I love her dearly but I can't keep allowing her to make the tops in this manner. These are going to kids, they're going to be washed alot and even with the quilting on them they're going to start self destructing, fixing them only does so much. No matter what we say, she just rushes through them and all of a sudden she's adopted the attitude of "what's the difference, someone will fix them." I haven't had the heart to say that someone is ME. It's a charity quilt, if you don't want to do them for the charity, just don't do them. Unfortunately she has another 11 kits at her house that she's been working on. We keep trying to tell her that we only gave them to her because she wanted something to sew, if she no longer wants to do them, that's fine she doesn't have to feel obligated. Once I fix these current ones, that's it. I'm just going to tell her the project is complete. If she wants to sew, maybe she'll sew slower if it's fabric that she's purchased. I just don't want to cause a rift with her because of it so for that sake I think it's just better for her to not do them.

I still have a huge bag of bindings that really should be sewn together and ironed in half before turning in. But, you know what no one else does and I end up doing them before I put them on the quilts anyway so I might as well just do them the next time I get quilts back to bind. I'm one person, I can only do so much.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of the issues you are having. It sounds like a good idea to just let her finish what she has and then tell her they are all set for a while. Are there instructions stating that they are 6x7? If so, maybe just point that out to her and indicate that the borders are pre-cut for that size only.
Wow, I can't believe how much you get done in a night!


Moneik said...

Wow! You amaze me at all you get accomplished. I can't believe all the charity work you do and still find time to sew for yourself!

Connie said...

Jen, for "one person" you sound like you are a whirlwind quilting dynamo for such a worthy and kind cause. If telling your grandma about the border issues isn't going to sink in, could you maybe do borders with her while she's sewing (so she sees it first hand)? You are the most productive person I have ever encountered!!

Anonymous said...

Jen, you are such a compassionate person to do all that you do for others as well as taking the time to involve your grandma in something productive to do. It's unfortunate that she you're having to "clean up" after her and you're so kind to do so. I think that telling her a little white lie that the project has ended might be the best thing to do. That way she feels good knowing that she's helped a worthy cause and you're relieves of the burden she created. When I'm am old grandma, I hope that I have a granddaughter like you.

Carla in Alabama

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I've just spent the last two nights cutting the edges of flannel raggy quilts for project linus. I did 4 last one with one more to go tonight. My hand is so sore and of course I fell asleep doing the last one so I'll get up early to finish it off. I think to a little white lie to grandma won't hurt anything.

Kristie said...

That sure is alot for one night! I'm sure you are glad they are done.