Monday, November 12, 2007

Quilt Retreat - Day Two

I just finished taking my last stitches of the day and boy what a busy day it was! Today it was just my Mom and I.

I got going around 10am and started with laundry and such. Then I started sewing. My first things were 2 blocks for the Celestial Migraine Block of the Month. I started about 7 months into it so I'm just working at it on my own pace. These are the "March" blocks.

Once Mom was ready to sew we ran to Patched Works and Bits & Pieces. At Patched Works I picked up the binding material for my Yellow & Blue Pineapple Table Topper and the two Holly Jolly Table Runners. I also got a Shangrala Charm Pack because I liked my Mom's so much. I got the Winter Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Magazine because there are a few really cute and quick ideas in there that I'd like to make. At Bits & Pieces I got 9 more fat quarters to go in my Pink, Black & White quilt that I'm planning to make and a red print with silly looking dogs. I'll make Murphy & Holly some spiffy new bandannas.

While at Bits & Pieces, Karen told us that Homespun Creations recently went out of business. They were a quilt shop in the area that was actually back in an industrial park and shared space with her sisters carpet store. They had a better location at one time and since the move to the industrial park things have been a bit sketchy. I don't know if anyone remembers, but that is the store we were having our Project Linus meetings at. The last two meetings before summer break she just failed to show to have the store open in the evening and never returned any ones calls. Their hours were pretty whacked too. It was something screwy like two days a week 12-3 and then some Saturdays. While I hate to see a quilt store go out of business; especially one of my local shops, to me this had been coming for quite some time. You just can't expect to be able to run a business like that. I know for myself I hadn't tried to shop there in months just because the hours were SOOOO ridiculous. I also didn't like that I all of a sudden started receiving solicitation in the mail for the carpet store just because her sister decided both mailing lists should be hers. Just not a good way to do business if you ask me.

Then it was back to sewing. I stippled my Pineapple Table Topper using a yellow and blue variegated King Tut thread. I also got it's binding put on. It's supposed to be 8 sided. The white triangles are supposed to be 60 degree angels and we goofed that up. Since it had a peak in the center I decided just to take one big tuck down the center and it turned into a 6 sided topper. No big deal because I wasn't that fond of it anyway. I made it earlier this year because my Mom wanted to make one. If I remember right, hers still has it's peak. We had said if only a tree skirt for a Christmas Tree could be blue and yellow I could have cut out the center and it would have made a great tree skirt!

Next it was time to put the binding on the two Holly Jolly table runners. These were both made out of one charm pack each.

It was only 8pm....I just Couldn't Be DONE sewing!! I have this yellow and blue Pineapple quilt that I made in the summer of 2006. I started basting it earlier this year. I got halfway done and folded it up. I pulled it back out about 6 months later, finished the basting and did all the quilting on the top. I was then going to quilt cables in the borders. I started putting on the Borders on a Roll and then I got bored with that so I folded it back up where it's been for the last 4 months or so. Finally I decided to night that I was going to pull off the paper border templates and just stipple the borders with the same Yellow and Blue King Tut Variegated thread. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, the Pineapple Table Topper & the Pineapple Quilt are both out of the same fabrics. I made the quilt first and then the scraps for the table topper months later. I was done with the stippling around 10 and decided that I just had to put the binding on. It was a good thing that I've had it prepared for the last few months! I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I do have a few tension issues on the back. The thread and I just couldn't get along no matter how much I putzed with it. But I decided it's better to have it done. If I would rip it out I'd probably wait another 6 months to finish it again!!

The only bad part about this quilt is that there are TONS of teeny tiny basting tacks that need to be removed and thousands of threads that need to be trimmed from the quilting that I did. Oh'll get done sooner or later!

I'm just thrilled with all that I got accomplished this weekend. I hope to have a very quilty week and then starting Friday afternoon at 4:30 I am on vacation until 8am on November 26th!! There's NINE days in a row that I can get sewing done in!!!! I'll be dangerous with all I hope to accomplish. Hopefully I can get some Christmas Presents whipped out and maybe even knock another UFO off my list. I'm dangerously close to having them all completed. I told my mom that I should try to get them all done so that I can start out 2008 with a clean slate. She pretty much told me I was nuts.


Michelle said...

WOW! Good job, Jen!

Suzan said...

Boy! You surely got a lot finished! I love the pineapple quilt. I think blue and yellow together are just so cheery.

jillquilts said...

Woo hoo!! You did good! Since I am looking at not going to Florida for Thanksgiving, I still have next Monday - Wednesday scheduled off and I think that I am going to still keep them as off days. That way, I will have just as many days off and will be able to sew to my heart's content! I am really looking forward to that. Although, I should have the new car by then and will probably drive quite a bit, too. :)

Hazel said...

Oh Jen I love your Christmas runner and that pinapple quilt ,its beautiful .Your really coming along with the quilting great job .

Kristie said...

Wow! You really wiped out you UFO's this weekend. Love your Celestial Migraine blocks. I really like how you are doing them different colors. I think your pineapple table topper looks great the way it is and your quilt of course is beautiful. It looks like alot of work. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Christmas tablerunners. They are soooooooo cute! I can't imagine what all you will get done on your vacation.

Connie said...

Amazing--I think you are dangerous already--a full 9 days of quilting is going to need a more exciting description! I am envious of your upcoming quilt-a-thon! Have fun!