Friday, November 16, 2007

Thread Lecture

Tonight we went to a thread lecture at Frank's Sewing Center given by Brad the owner. WOW, talk about informative! We learned about all the different types of thread and how they're made and how they're spun and wow, my head was spinning! There's this really cool thread called Hemingway that I thought was just pretty but more for embroidery than anything else. Well, it turns out I can use it for free motion quilting on my frame too. Wooo hooo!! Yeah, needless to say I bought a few spools of it! This thread lecture was worth it's weight in gold. It was $10 and we got a spool of the Hemingway thread, a spool of Lana thread and a U-Sew? mug!

In the mail today I also got an awesome postcard from my friend Moneik! Isn't it fantastic????


Michelle said...

Wow! So will that thread I got at Goodwill that I showed you, work on my quilter? You sure get to go to a lot of fun things. Milwaukee is AWESOME for quilters. We don't have anything around here! (SIGH!)

Kristie said...

That lecture sounds like it would have been great. I really don't know that much about thread and the different weights. Love the postcard.

Connie said...

Wish I could have attended the lecture! I love the techy stuff. If you use that Lana any time soon, let us know what you think of it! I plan to test that thread out for a project I have in the works! I hear it is great stuff!!

Moneik said...

Wow that sounds like an amazing lecture. How fun! Wish I could have gone to it, I'm sure you learned a ton. I have never heard of any of those threads, so that is interesting to hear about them. Glad you liked the postcard. I got a yard of them in SF