Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Vacation Day #4

Didn't get too much sewing done today. =( I started out getting my hair cut. Then Mike and I had lunch. My Grandma called and she was crying and told me how she thought Keri had named her baby after her. The baby's name is Mackenzie Mae. Mae is my Grandma's middle name. She wasn't sure if it was named for her or not. I told her that of course it was. Grandma didn't know we even knew her middle name. I said, well we all do and that I was 99.9% positive that was what Keri had in mind when naming her. I took Grandma grocery shopping and then we went to see the baby. WOW, she's such a cutie! Really tiny compared to Ruth's kids. Keri LOVED the quilts. That makes me happy.

I stopped by my mom's house while she was supposed to be at a movie. I was going to take two of her quilts to quilt for Christmas. Well, she was there. Sigh. So much for a surprise. So I just had her dig them out for me. I headed to Jo-Ann's to pick up some batting and backing. Now tonight I'll get one of them loaded onto the frame for quilting tomorrow.
I spent the rest of the evening working on a Christmas gift for a friend. It turned out good; just not how I expected. Oh well...what do you expect when you make up a pattern as you go.


Moneik said...

Oh what a cutie! So glad she liked the quilts you made for the baby. I'm sure grandma enjoyed seeing her too.

Kristie said...

So beautiful!!! I just love babies! Of course she would love your quilts they are very nice!