Monday, November 26, 2007

What Was I Thinking?!?

For those of you that follow mine and my Mom's blogs you may know that my Mom jokes that she is my House Elf, Peony. House Elves are in the Harry Potter book series. Your house elf can only be freed if you give them an article of clothing.

How did she get this title? Well a while back she was over and decided to vacuum because she loves to vacuum and the joke just grew bigger and bigger from there. We found a Harry Potter site where you could get a house elf name and thus, Peony was born.

A few weeks ago we were in Jo-Ann fabrics and I found this awesome Debbie Mumm fleece that I decided I had to have for pants. Mom started looking at a Gingerbread print when I told her that I could just picture that Gingerbread Man being stretched across one of our asses and it just wasn't a pretty picture. So we stood there laughing and she started fondling my fleece so I decided I'd make her a pair too....never realizing that this would release my House Elf.

So I made her pants tonight. She was over for dinner so I had her go put them on so I could adjust the elastic and then we decided if they were the right length to hem the pants. They wern't even on for two minutes and she was dancing around like a fool telling me she was free. Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty Peony is Free at Last.

I've got one thought for you my dear can to one of two ways. You can choose to be ever loyal like Dobby; so greatful for being freed that you'd still do anything OR you can be like Creature. Your choice Peony, your choice... =)

What was I thinking? Giving my house elf clothing. Sigh. Bummersville. But, at least we have cute, matching, fuzzy fleece pants!!

Peony also quilted a wallhanging on my Gracie. This was the first thing she's quilted on my frame. It turned out sooooo cute!!


Moneik said...

So glad to hear you let your house elf go! She can surely come be my house elf now! The pants are way cute.

Kristie said...

That is just too cute! I love the pants. I'm sure she was just waiting to be released.