Friday, December 7, 2007

Amaryllis Growing Update

Wow, Mike's Amaryllis is kicking my Amaryllis' ass!! Mike's grew 4-3/4 inches this week. Mine only grew 2".


Gina said...

Mine hasn't even grown that much. Mind you the weather has been so bad lately that we haven't really had any daylight. I think that's affecting it.

love and hugs

Lkekko said...

Don't fret... I had one that I didn't think was growing fast enough.... Well to make a long story short, it grew to over 24 inches...

Carol Van Rooy said...

is it too late to join? I planted mine just last week and believe you me, it's not appearing to have done anything much at all. I've never grown one before, and thought it would be fun with the kids.

I'll post a pic tomorrow on my blog. I'd only begin quilting in October and have great support of a dear friend and neighbour (Nancy - Life is a stitch).

You can visit my blog at:

Carol VR

Moneik said...

Well I'm definately not going to win! Mine has grown a total of a 1/2"! It hadn't done anything last week and I came back in this morning and it has come up a little, so it's not quite the dud I thought it was going to be. Maybe in the next week it will really spike up.