Tuesday, December 18, 2007

At the Bus Stop

Ok, I'll admit I never took a school bus to school so I guess I don't understand the dynamics of it. I took a city bus when it came time for High School but that was on the other side of town. What I don't understand is taking a school bus to a school that is only a few short blocks away AND having your parents wait with you EVERY DAY no matter the temperature with you in the car with it running.

Ummm...the school is a few blocks away. If you're going to leave your car running and wait for 10 minutes, why don't you just drive the kid to school and be back home all within 5 minutes?

The even better thing is that it's the same FOUR cars every day. You think these parents could all just take turns or something. I've seen them, they all DO get on the same bus.

I've determined that my coaster is too pretty to be covered up by my Gatorade bottle. What can I say? I'm hopeless. My bottle is now NEXT TO the coaster.


Michelle said...

Gonna have to make a BIGGER coaster then, my dear! Or, take two with you and use one and put one next the one that is covered up. Oh, you are such a silly, sweet girl! I love you!

Moneik said...

Oh they are so cute! I'm sure you'll enjoy using them this winter. So you like snowflakes, hmmm.... that gives me an idea.

Moneik said...

I didn't ride the bus either. We had a carpool of four families. Our school was about 8 miles from home. I completely understand what you are saying about the parents who wait for the bus. If I leave at 7:10 I drive by all of them, but if I leave at 20 after I have to follow the bus and stop every mile or so which sucks with a manual. I would rather be at work 20 min early than have to wait for the bus. I pass the school on my way so it's not like it's that far to take the kids. Some people are just so lazy!