Sunday, December 16, 2007

A "Bankey" Epiphany

Bankey, that's what I always called my baby blanket when I was a kid. I think everyone's bankey was important to them. Heck, I know someone who is a mere 10 months older than me whose blankey is more accessible than the rubbermaid tub mine is in. (I'm not naming names)

A tub sounds a little harsh. I have one rubbermaid tub in the quilting studio closet that holds all the important quilts that aren't currently out in the house but stay together for safe keeping.

What's so special about bankey? I don't know anything about bankey's history except that it was made for me by my mom. I don't know how long she worked on it, or when it was given to me so I hope she'll stop by and tell the tale. All I know is that I love Bankey because it's mine and it was made for me. Bankey is cross sitched. The fabric used for Banky is so soft. I'm not sure if it's because of all the years or if it was some magical fabric. I always rubbed it against my cheek. One corner is more worn out than the other 3. Even after I was too old for Banky it would get pulled out whenever I was sick. When I was younger, there was one rule. Banky wasn't allowed to leave my bedroom unless I was sick. Oh how I tried to sneak it into different areas but Banky was always returned to my room.

Now let's get back to the magical fabric. Perhaps it wasn't magical at all...but it was quilted fabric. This morning while watching a movie from the safety and comfort of my bed I noticed that the stippling on my Turning Twenty Again bed quilt feels just like Banky which made me pull it out and snap some pictures. No wonder I sleep so well under quilts!!

Truely, The best kind of sleep beneath Heaven above is under a quilt handmade with Love.

Thanks Mom!!


Heather said...

What a great Memory. I have bunches of Afgahns that mom has made for me. All of which take their turns around the house. The one that goes with me most every where is a flag blanket that she made just after I joined the Navy. Sent it to me while I was in tech school for my birthday or christmas.. it might have even been a just because gift.. like you said though when doesn't matter as much as it came from mom.

Suzan said...

What a treasure! I remember seeing that very same cross stitch quilt when my boys were babies and made my oldest son a bib that was part of the collection. Wonder what ever happenened to that? My boys have tied quilts that were made for them by a dear friend of my grandmother. Each of my grandchildren has slept under their daddy's quilt. Lovely memories. Thanks for sharing!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Well, let's talk about Banky. When I found out I was pregnant with Jen, of course at that time you didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, I started looking around for a blanket to make. I figured I had nine months I should be able to get it done. I was in Lee Wards, which is now Michael's one day and I came across the kit for Banky. In those days it was expensive I think around $21 so I left without it. Everytime I went into the store I was drawn to that kit and finally one day I just went ahead and bought it. I had leaned to embroider 4 years earlier from my Mom and figured I could handle the project. It was one of those preprinted projects. It was done on quilted fabric. So I started. Now I chose that one because it reminded me so much of Bambi with the exception of Pluto on it and a kitten. Bambi of course being my all time favorite book and movie. Anyway I started to cross stitch. I worked whenever I had time and it seemed like I would never get done with it. Soon we bought our house and I only had a little over three months to finish it but I did manage to get it done. Now my problem was what to do with the back of the blanket since I hate to admit I wasn't a very "neat" cross stitcher. After Jen was born and of course we knew she was a girl I also needed to make curtains for her room so I bought Holly Hobby fabric for the curtains. In those days all I really did was garment sewing so to figure out how much to buy for curtains was a mystery to me so I of course over bought the fabric. The curtains got made and I had quite a bit left over so one day I just decided to put that on the back of Banky. I simply put it on and turned the quilt top. I think at that point a quilter was born. The only rule we had was that Banky couldn't leave the house. I hated seeing kids dragging around something that they were going to later that night sleep with. As time went on and Jen got older then Banky had to stay on her bed unless of course she was sick. That poor thing was washed so many times I'm surprised it's still together. I know it's always been special to her as it was to me.
So, that's the story behind the making of Banky. I love you too Jen.

Carol Van Rooy said...

I immediately recognized that fabric as "Holly Hobby". Boy I haven't seen any Holly Hobby stuff in YEARS.

I too have my blanket... somewhere as does my husband. Weird, what connections we make to our childhood.

Michelle said...

I'm so glad you have your 'banky'. I don't remember having one, and if I did, it was long lost when my four sisters came along. All my toys, clothes, and everything go handed down to my sisters. I only have a couple things that were mine, and how I rescued them, I have no idea.

Jen, you were then, and are now, a very special girl who is loved by your family and freinds. That is such a blessing.

Kristie said...

What a sweet story. That reminds me of how Hunter is with his "Horsey Quilt" Andrew never did get attached to anything like that, but Hunter is so attached to his. As you could tell in the post from a few days ago, it is in need of repair.

Carla said...

How special for you! I, like Michelle, was one of 5 girls and don't have anything from my childhood. I sure wish that i did, though.

Connie said...

Thanks for the great reminder to think back to babyhood for a bit! I don't recall a blanket, but my first stuffed animal was a koala bear (it had real fur--hey, it was the 60's, I don't think PETA was around then)--all I have left is the rubber core.....but 43 years later, I still have it! I made my son a baby quilt and my daughter a quilt for her first real bed--and they have their "babies" (stuffed animals), too (although their babies are soooo well loved, I don't think they'll last 4+ decades!)

Moneik said...

What a sweet story and I'm sure it will continue to be loved. My mom rescued hers from grandma's cedar chest and now that I have the cedar chest, I have mine in it. Mine is pink with an appliqued bear on gingham and tied. A neighbor lady used to make them for the first born child of each couple in the community. Then she started making them for all, so my bro has one too. My little bro has the same fabric, only I think grandma made his.

Bethany said...

My grandmother made us blankets every year for Christmas when I was a kid. For whatever reason, I had named my blanket "meanie".

I was acting up in church one day and she took me out. I was screaming, "meanie" the entire way because I wanted my blanket. I'm sure everyone else was thinking that mother is terrible.