Saturday, December 1, 2007

Block Keepers

Today I worked on some Christmas Gifts for my Quilting Friends. I made up 4 block keepers. I can't wait to give them! The top one is Penguin Fabric. I made it for my friend Gale. Many moons ago when I was dating her son he tried to steal a penguin from the zoo while he was drunk and at a wedding reception. So we still laugh at anything to do with Penguins. One of the Ruler ones is for my Aunt Kitty; the other is for me. The pink breast cancer fabric with Chinese icons is for my cousin Jean. Her good friend Pam just finished her last radiation treatment.

Since normal gift wrap rolls are becoming a thing of the past, my block keepers have PVC pipe in them from the hardware store. For a 60" stick I only spent about $2 for the PVC pipe. Mike cut it into sections for me.

My glue gun is on the fritz. I don't know if the trigger spring is worn out or what. To get the glue to come out I had to keep pressure on the stick of glue and I had to pull the trigger in and then manually pull it back out again.

Oh well, one more project off the to-do list at least!!
I will give these on December 14th at our Christmas Party.


Moneik said...

Oh those are way cute! I'm sure your friends will love them.

SandyQuilts said...

What are the block keepers? I think it's something I would want ... how do you make it? tia