Friday, December 14, 2007

BOM, Tri Recs Rulers and a Christmas Party

Tonight was Block of the Month. We learned a new technique tonight. Our block this month will
use triangles cut with Tri Recs rulers. I've never used them before. This ought to be interesting. I don't know if I'm going to remember where to line my triangles up! I think I own the Eleanor Burns version of these and they just don't seem as difficult to use as these Tri Recs things. Cutting three different edges on one is that a time saver??

I got to give the Block Keepers that I made a few weeks ago. Clicking the link will take you to that blog entry. I just published it today since I had to keep them secret. I also gave away 3 more name tags. That leaves another 4 or 5 still to be delivered. I wonder where they're going? =)

I was the recipient of an awesome birthday present from Maureen and one from my Aunt Kitty & Uncle Vern. Maureen's was a 60 degree ruler. There's a story there...can you tell? Im 60 degree deficient!! Julie recently challenged me to make a specific quilt so I really, really needed the ruler! She also gave me a pack of double eyed needles that I've been eyeing (ar ar, get it? eyeing??) and a finishing kit for my Gingerbread Lane wall hanging that I'll make this next year. From my Aunt Kitty and Uncle Vern I got an absolutely fabulous gift card to Bits & Pieces.

There was a LOT of show and tell this month. It was good nice to see. We had someone finish their quilt from last years block of the month. I hope to get mine done in January. Wow...I've really got high hopes for January!! LOL.

We also pulled names for our Secret Sister for the year. I'm afraid to admit, I'm not quite sure who I have! Yet another reason to push for the wearing of name tags.

We had a Christmas Gift exchange and I grabbed Beryl's bag. It's a fiskars scissors sharpener for quilting scissors. I love Fiskars and my current pair have had a little bur on them for quite some time. I can't wait to get that smoothed out!

I had to do a little Christmas Shopping for my Mom while I was out at Frank's. One of her gifts was (the was is key here) a 6" x 24" ruler. On my way in from the car I slipped on the stairs outside and put my foot right through it. Sigh.

I came in and Mike was the ultimate in crabby and went on a long winded rant about having to work and wear clothes that was making him wash clothes and the washer makes noise and the dryer makes the snow on the roof melt and when the snow melts the roof leaks and drips inside and how I should have been smart enough to make two trips in from the car. He only gets like this once every 8 months or so. Holly and I opted to hide in the bedroom!! LOL.

Oh, I almost forgot, I asked Brad about using the sewers aid on my machine or not. He said as long as a machine doesn't have plastic tension disks it's fine. To put stripes on the spool like Moneik said but then to rub it around/in. Wait about 5 minutes before using it on your machine. By then it will have absorbed into the thread.


Debi said...

Wow you had a busy day. My DH also gets in the grippy mood from time to time...I just ignore him, like he does me when I get that way.

Kristie said...

Sounds like you have been busy, as usual. Hope you didn't get hurt when you fell. You sure got some nice gifts too.

Maureen said...

Jen...Again I am glad you are okay and that you liked your birthday present. I can't wait to see the quilt you make using the 60 degree ruler! Ohh and the double needle will do some great stuff can make your own varigated thread.


Moneik said...

Oh be careful on the stairs! I'm sure your mom would have really liked it. I'm hoping for the 8 1/2 x 24 for Christmas. You got some really amazing gifts. Enjoy!

jillquilts said...

Yes, what are block keepers? This may be something that I need? And I think that the 60 degree ruler is what I had to buy to make the easy striped table runners with the border fabric. There's something else that you could do for others. :)