Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Eye Doctor Makes Me Insane

I feel like walking into their office with my Festivus Pole and airing my grievances.

We have $232 dollars remaining in our FSA account so I'm trying to find a way to spend it. They had changed our health insurance at work so I needed less than I anticipated.

I haven't updated the lenses in my frames in 6 years. My Prescription is horrible. In the land of contacts I'm wearing a 20/950 in my left eye and a 20/650 in the right. My lenses are super thick. I won't wear them in public. I literally take my contacts out, put my glasses on, go to bed with them on, get up in the morning and put my contacts back in.

Yes, I sleep with my glasses on. My eyes are so bad that if I need my glasses in the middle of the night and end up knocking them off the night stand feeling for them (happens 95% of the time) then I can't find them. It's just easier to sleep with them on.

No, I won't get Lasik surgery. We tried that. I'd pass out from fear first of all. Secondly, one eye has a cornea that is borderline too thin and the other eye has a pupil that is borderline too large. That's to much of a risk.

So I thought I could get new lenses with the money. I've been putting this off because ever since my eye doctor sold his practice to this new guy the support staff has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Mike's off today so he thought he'd save me the hassle and take my frames in to get the new lenses made. He called me and said I'd need to go over ther because they have this new high definition lens where they take a fingerprint of your eye by computer and make the lenses especially for your eye and it's issues. It would be $50 more. They told him this was WITH frames. Basically cheaper to go this route than make lenses for my old frames. Ok, I can get on board with that.

I go over there. Right off the bat they inform me that I'm interrupting their holiday luncheon. Ok, why don't you lock your door then?? Put up a closed sign?

The technician who has my file in her hands says, "You don't have your contacts in do you?" Umm, seriously? You're looking right at my file or are YOU blind? Take them out, she does her thing, put them back in. So they take the fingerprint thing, the Dr then checks my eyes. Asks if my contacts are in. Sigh. Take them out, put them back in. Guess prescription is on the edge of being too bad to do these high definition lenses but "they're going to do it anyway." He goes on and on about how wonderful these new high definition lenses are and how I'll actually wear them. My question, "Are they thinner?" No. Umm, then I don't care because I WON'T be wearing them outside off the house. I don't care how awesome they are, I've got Coke Bottles and I don't go in public with them on.

I go back out into the office to find out no, it's not $50 more with frames, it's $50 more just for the lenses. Again the shpeal on how frigging wonderful they are. You'd think she was talking about he second coming of Christ the way she was going on. Dude...they're lenses. They're not revolutionary. They're not thinner. I don't CARE.

Oh the best part? Not only do they need me AND my frames at this point (which by the way Mike has) but they're going to take THREE FREAKING WEEKS. Hello, I'm blind. I can't be without glasses for three weeks.

So I ask how much their cheapest pair of frames would be. She will "do me a favor" and knock the price of a pair of Ralph Lauren frames down to $100. Umm, I didn't ask for Ralph Lauren, I asked for YOUR CHEAPEST frames.

In the end I told them I'd think about it and get back to them.

$232 flex dollars, glasses/frames will run me an additional $150 or so out of pocket. Hmmmm. To me it sounds more worth while to lose the $232 dollars than put out an additional $150.

Ok, bring on the ideas of how I can spend $232. If I could get away with buying Murphy's insulin needles and submitting it, I would.


Kristie said...

You kill me!!! I had to laugh. I am so paranoid about my glasses too. I won't wear them out anywhere. I actually cried when they told me I needed bi-focals. Which I know that my eyes are not as bad as yours but I do know how you feel about wearing them.

I don't know what to tell you about the insurance deal. I know when I got mine, with the insurance my exam cost me $14, but the glasses were cheaper using the special that they were having instead of using my insurance.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I think I'd check like Target or Shopko theirs would be so much cheaper and just as good since you only sleep in them anyway. Glasses have gotton way out of hand with their prices.

SandyQuilts said...

Hi Jen ... thought I'd stop over and see your blog. Glasses are no laughing matter these days. Mine just got me for $413 ... got back $185 on insurance. Then discovered DH's eye guy office wasn't turning in paperwork for our refund. The girl says "you don't have that coverage". I said "excuse me, we do." She says "oh, I don't know." I say, "that's not my fault." 3 days later they leave a message that a $212 check will be in the mail right away ..... 3 wks later it arrives.

Wendy said...

Well Sudafed & Excederin can be purchased & submitted along with the cleaning solutions for your contacts. I received an email from Steins Optical today with coupons to get you into their stores before the end of the year; not sure if they would be worth checking out.

Moneik said...

I seriously feel your pain! I have glasses that don't wear out of the house either. My eyes aren't that bad, but I just don't like to be seen in them. This year I used my flex for the exam, new glasses, and contacts. I guess I have to pay for new contacts every 6 months, so it costs to replace them. I would get an extra set of contacts or go to a new place. You can get a new exam, cheaper lens, and see if you like the new people better. I didn't like where I was going, switched and love the new guy and I can see now. I would also buy extra contact solution, headache medicines, vitamins. I use my flex and love it, but I wouldn't let them have that much money. Go to the dentist if you need to.

Gina said...

I'm like you I'm blind as a bat without my glasses. Because of other eye problems I can't have stronger contacts than I've already got. I now have to wear contacts and glasses together.

I'll ask my optician what they use for my glasses lenses as although they are mega strength the lenses are no thicker than malcolm's who could go without glasses.

love and hugs xxx

Hazel said...

Being Canadian I don't understand what flex is so I can't help you but I would really like to know how the heck you sleep with your glasses on ??? Don't they get squished ,which would cause them to get out of shape ???? Your to funny I love the way you handle these situations .

Connie said...

Any way that a massage to relieve neck and back tension can be considered medically indicated? I'm like a mole, too--terribly nearsighted since 2nd grade. I'm the best person to take camping 'cause my lenses are SO thick you can start fires with them using the sun and some twigs.

Anonymous said...

I have had an eye doctor put my lenses into anothre pair of loaner frames while lenses were being made. Might that be a possibility?

It wuold seem that since you are trying to spend money there that they would accomodate


jillquilts said...

I agree with Moneik - try a different eye guy. What can it hurt? Use your flex spending for the exam if insurance doesn't cover it. Buy yourself new contacts and solutions. Stock up on Advil. Buy things like that for other people like your mom or Granma or Aunt Kitty. Anything over the counter that you don't need a prescription for, you can buy for someone else and submit it as your own. Now, since it is like a week later - what did you decide to do?