Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holly Bandanas

Holly Bandanas©
for Large Dogs

A Cre8tive Quilter Pattern by Jen Buettner
One 12-1/2" fabric square. Make sure you pay attention to how you cut your square if your fabric is directional.
One 12-1/2" square of lightweight fusible interfacing (really only needed if you have a very hairy beast and want it to have a little more body)

-Iron interfacing to bandanna fabric.
-Fold two corners in; 3 inches on each side.

-Topsitch at folds.

-Iron in half, matching points. Sew from bottom of folded in corner to the bottom of the one on the other side.

-Turn right side out and topsitch around bandanna being sure to leave the collar pocket open. Sew across to create your collar pocket. (Measure your dog's collar width first)

-Slip their collar through and put it on your pooch!

To make for smaller dogs, follow the same steps but you'll need to play with different sized squares until you find the perfect size for your dog.
For a printable version of this pattern click HERE.


Moneik said...

Oh way cool directions, but Missy is still not getting one! She's spoiled, just not by me, yet.

Kristie said...

I will have to make some of these for Ida Belle.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I'm not the wonderful fur-mom you are. Mine just get thiers tied to their necks....lol I do cut the fabric with pinking shears...does that put me in good fur-mom status? Actually I can't put collars on mine because they are long haired and the hair just matts up like crazy with a collar on them. Darn my luck, yours are adorable. See ya....Regina

Maureen said...

Great directions! Emma probably won't get one any time soon.

Holly is lucky to have such a good mom.


Michelle said...

You are a good 'mama' and if I had a furbaby, I would make bandanna's for him/her too. Great job, and great tutorial!