Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Laptop Cozy

I can't believe it's actually called a cozy but it is. This is a Moda pattern that I got through my Moda University Block of the Month at Bits & Pieces. While it's not a laptop bag, it does offer my laptop some protection when I'm not using it or if I put it in a tote bag to take on the road.

This was a quite straight forward pattern to make. You measure your laptop, drop the dimensions into it, quilt a piece of fabric or use pre-quilted fabric and go to town. I used gift wrap as my pattern. I never realized it before but I had a piece of gift wrap that actually had a 1 inch grid on the back so it was really easy to use to build my pattern.

I have the same batik on the front as on the back and a double layer of warm and natural for added protection. Since there are curves, I was supposed to cut bias binding. I didn't have the right color to use for binding so I just decided to satin stitch the edges instead and I think it turned out quite nice.

I still SUCK at Fabric Fusion Velcro. I can follow those directions until I'm blue in the face and I can't get that shit to stick. Or I'll get one half to stick and not the other. I give up. I ended up sewing around the velcro to keep it on. I put some more sewers aid on my needle and it actually went through the sticky velcro, batik and double layer of warm and natural without any problems. I'd rather hand sew velcro if I have to than ever use this iron on garbage again. I'm done.

So my brown and pink batik laptop cozy looks quite smashing. Maybe I'll have to add a few crystals to it to make it Diva-ish.

I spent quite a bit of time tonight installing some programs to my laptop and moving over some of my more used files. That's just exciting I tell you. NOT.

I've also continued my quest to find a lap desk. I went to Ulta today but the only ones they had there were for $40 and I just have it in my head that I don't want to spend that much. I also stopped at Walmart but they had nothing at all. Then again I also wanted to see if they had a smaller tree skirt that I could measure to help me decide on a size for the tree skirt I want to make and they only had large ones...42 inches and 58 inches.

My mom came through with a Miles Kimball catalog where it was $14.99 and I had it in my cart ready to buy and it told me they were out of stock to remove it from my cart. Oh poo. She dug around until she found a few other catalogs. I was able to find one at Walter Drake for $9.99 and after shipping it's still under $15.00. Score!!

I'm about ready to go friggin insane. Our patio door is leaking from the heavy snow on the roof so I'm hearing a constant drip, drip, drip. It's hitting right in the track so it's pretty darn loud. The awful part is, we have our patio door sealed in plastic for the winter because it's so drafty so we can't get at this dang drip. Mike tried to shove a towel under the plastic just to buffer the noise but now of course it's probably hitting two inches over.


Michelle said...

There is a $40 cable you can buy to transfer all your stuff from one computer to your new one. You usually have to download a program to do this, but then you just use the transfer wizard, and plug in this cord. Do you want me to put my cable in the box with your birthday present so you can do that?

Suzan said...

The "cozy" is such a clever idea! Guess I need to enrol in Moda U. They have lots of really clever patterns.

Kristie said...

That is great! I really like your cozy!

Moneik said...

Oh I love the laptop cozy. I should make one for my mom. She carries hers back and forth to Rapid every week. Too many other things to do right now. Using a USB stick is the ultimate way to transfer. You can save and delete as you like.