Saturday, December 1, 2007

Name Tags

I've been trying to decide for a while now how to make really cool name tags for my quilting friends. Depending on the quilting group you belong to or the class you're taking from time to time you're asked to wear a name tag. I'm guilty myself. There are ladies in our Friday Block of the Month group that I talk to during the meeting that I've known now for over a year but I have no idea what their names are.
I've had a couple of great ideas but nothing had really jumped out at me until now.

A few weeks back I went to the Patched Works and they had a panel of Rosie the Quilter fabric for sale. I picked it up and then it dawned on me; the border print would make really awesome name tags.

I cut them out, embroidered their names at the bottom. Put them on Timtex, added a backing, satin stitched around them. Then I found little clips to attach ribbons to. I had been searching for laynards but nothing I found was just the right thing. These can then be changed out if there's a new name tag design that we want to use in the future.

So, here they are....11 of them. Names hidden to protect the future giftees!!


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Those name tags are so cute. You are a genius and so creative. Yeah, I'm jealous....but it gives me a inspire me to "craft"! Have a great weekend...

Connie said...

Those are the best nametags! I love the ribbon that looks like a yardstick--where did you get that? And where did you get the clips? Your friends are going to love them--great work!

Vera said...

Jen, those name tags are too cute.

Suzan said...

Jen - where did you find those little clips? They would be great for a project I was doing.


Moneik said...

They look amazing! I love them Jen and you're so creative!

Anonymous said...

Jen...I wish I were your friend! they are so cute. I have never seen that fabric here on the west coast. If I sent you some money would you send me some?

You are a great Christmas Elf!