Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Snowy Sewy Saturday

Today I spent quite a few hours working on quilted Christmas gifts. I really made a LOT of progress. My homemade gift list is now in a managable state. The rest of the things that I have to make will just be for fun or because I've thought of something new to make. Woo hoo!!

Mike made us some awesome Tacos for dinner while I played with my glue gun and Quilty Gifts.

Around 7 I decided to load one of my UFO's onto my frame. I know, I should have worked on more Christmas presents but I needed to do something for me to keep the momentum going. I put on my Moda Hexagon Chocolat Cheater Panel quilt. I originally intended to baste it and then stitch in the ditch around the hexagons. Now I decided I'd rather have it done than never get it finished! Now that I have my frame, basting a quilt just doesn't appeal to me. I stippled it and it turned out really nice. The fabrics in this quilt match my Turning Twenty Again quilt on our bed. The Hexagon will go ontop of that one on my side of the bed because I'm always more cold than Mike is. I also have fabric to make pillow cases, pillow shams and I think enough for some curtains. So the whole bedroom just might look all pulled together for the first time ever.

I used a tan to chocolate varigated Star Brand thread. I went through 3 bobbins of bottom line thread. The quilt is 66 x 85.

I'll probably fold it up and leave it be for a while. It needs binding and since I have a few more quilts to throw on the frame I might as well do the binding for all of them at once.

While quilting I decided to modify my frame a little more. I stuck a piece of velcro to the top of the carriage and then wrapped the other side of the velcro around my seam ripper so that I don't have to worry about setting it down on either side and then have to go searching for it. Between that and my scissors around my neck I'm doing pretty good!

I think I actually started quilting around 8 and I was done by 11. I'm trying to pay more attention to how long these take me.


Michelle said...

Looks good, Jen! Doesn't it feel nice to just throw a quilt on whenever you feel like it? Good for you!

Suzan said...

Love Moda Chocolat - I have a quilts worth of charm squares that I still haven't done anything with...sigh...and there you are with another completed quilt! (And I don't even have a husband around to distract me!) :)

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

It looks fantastic. You got much more done than I did. I was busy being a nurse and then I was tired and went to sleep. But I'm up early and at it already. As soon as I can sew I will be.

jillquilts said...

Wow! I barely got anything done yesterday! :( Although, my turkey dinner was awesome! And I did get my squares fixed on my Nine patch blocks....

Kristie said...

Way to go Jen!!!! Another one quilted. Your pile of tops is getting smaller and mine just keeps getting bigger. I think I now have 66 tops that need to be quilted. When I get my frame and machine bought and set up, It will take me a year to get them all quilted.

I love the browns in this. Brown is my favorite color.

Moneik said...

Great Job Jen! You've been so busy this weekend and accomplished a lot. I was sure wishing I had a frame tonight when I was trying to quilt my b/w quilt.