Monday, December 17, 2007


I feel like I'm the only one who isn't Stashbusting these days!! It seems to be what everyone is buzzing about. I'm not busting stash, I'm enjoying accumulating it.

Now, don't think I have a huge stash, because I don't. Last year I did bust my stash. I took everything that I wasn't planning to use immediately and I made it into Pillow Cases to send to the Soldiers in Iraq.

Even still, with the fabric I buy I don't really just buy at random; I do buy it with a project in mind.

But, even still. I do feel left out!! I do love fabric like the rest of you, I just busted it last year. =) I will say though it felt fabulous to be free of all of those pretty pieces that I wasn't sure I would ever get around to using!!

If you're still looking to bust your stash, check out Judy Laquirara's blog, she seems to be the stash busting queen these days!!


Kristie said...

I read her posts from time to time, she has a great blog. I really enjoy it.

jillquilts said...

I am bad! I buy fabric because I want to make scrappy quilts and because I want to build a stash! Now, I need to organize it somehow! Thanks for showing me Judy's blog. I am going to add it to my favorites!

Michelle said...

All my quilts come from my stash. I probably have the world's biggest stash, and could win an award, but most of mine either come from monthly fat quarter exchanges with my quilting girls, or Goodwill!

Heather said...

I really need to bust some of my stash.. I'm thinking of some fast gifts for Mom and Dad since christmas day is just us.

Gina said...

I'm not stashbusting either Jen. I'm trying to use more fabric from my stash but i wouldn't call it stash busting. what I am trying to do though is get my scraps pile down to a more manageable level.

love an dhugs xxx

Moneik said...

I think I'm the worlds only person who quilts and tries not to have a stash! I made a scrap quilt for my dad last year which got rid of most of mine. I have a 1 gallon rubbermaid tote that houses all my scraps. My other fabric is stashed in a small shelving unit my grandpa made me. I think the reason we don't have big stashes is because we are still young. My mom has the worlds best stash and I would love to make projects for her if she would let me. She has a lot of fun fabrics!Maybe when we are our mothers age we'll have a lot of fabric. Also I moved a lot so having lots of fabric wasn't practical.