Friday, December 7, 2007

Well...I thought it was a good idea

I got an idea earlier regarding purse handles. From hearing about Michelle's trips to thrift stores I really thought it would be a great place to go looking at used purses that I could harvest the handles off of.

No matter how hard I try...I just don't "get" thrift stores. I'm not against things that come from them, I just don't have the patience to sift though things.

Ok, back to my handles. Wandering around Goodwill I saw that they wanted between $6 & $10 for used purses. USED purses! Used purses that I recognized from Kohl's Department Store that I know were probably not much more expensive than that on sale or at end of season sales.

Ok, for that price if I really want to go handle harvesting I can just watch for purse sales at Kohls!


Moneik said...

I completely have to agree with you. You have to watch what you pay and what is normal.

Bethany said...

Goodwill is the most expensive thrift store out there which is why I don't shop there. Those purses should only be 2 bucks or so.

Church run thrift stores are the most reasonally priced. I can go into the one in town and spend next to nothing on stuff.

Like you I hate sifting through stuff to find what I need.

Wendy said...

When I went to the Quilt Expo in Madison last September a purse strap vendor was there. I bought several pairs of leather purse straps for $11 per pair. She is located in Janesville & will ship for a fair price.

Kristie said...

Wow $6-$10!!! Here were I live the purses at Goodwill are $1-$2! And there is a place here called "The Attic", the purses there run about the same.