Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yo Yo Yo!!!!

I'm in a Yo-Yo making frenzy! I had 90 circles cut out for yo-yo's that can go into my garland. I whipped through 30 of them so now there is 60 left to go. I'm hoping to have them done by the end of the weekend so I can add them to the garland and get it put on the tree nicely. Then we'll be able to add some ornaments.

Our tree is skirtless this year. Since it's such a small tree, a regular sized tree skirt just looks foolish. I'm thinking of making one of those 9 degree wedge skirts but I don't know if I could get that done by Christmas. Well, what am I talking about? I probably coult! I just need to figure out what size to go with.

I also started putting the borders on the Christmas Gift that I've been working on. This weekend I'll need to kick it into high gear to get some things accomplished.

We were supposed to go visit Michelle and her quilting ladies in Iowa on Saturday but our trip got cancelled due to weather. Darn Winter!!! So now we'll go to the Patched Works on Saturday for their Holiday Open House.

By the way...Chelsey who works at the Patched Works thinks I'm on Crack for all the Yo-Yo's that I'm turning out. I guess they're just not her favorite thing to make!! ;)


Moneik said...

You are a yo-yo for getting so many done! I haven't the desire or the time to do them. Good luck getting enough done for your tree. I am working on a treeskirt this weekend.

Connie said...

Ok yo yo queen! How about a yo yo key fob for your Miranda day bag? Just a thought! I was thinking about yo you key fobs for my old sewing machine keys, but haven't quite come up with a viable design. Figured I toss the idea out to you, cre8tive sewing goddess.

Nancy-Rose said...

I have a Mason jar full of yoyos I made in the summer.

Then I got off the crack.