Saturday, January 5, 2008

500th Post

Well here it is, my 500th post. Man...I've got a lot to say about nothing!

This morning I just couldn't get going. I chatted with my Mom around noon and she was going to bring over some fleece to quilt. Two hours later when I was just beginning to think she wasn't coming, there she was. We put the fleece on the frame and things went downhill from there.

First of all I haven't gotten out to Frank's to get some Superior Sew Fine thread so we were using Bottom Line on the top and bottom and I know that's a no-no but I got it to work on my last fleece. Then I had asked my mom if her machine was clean and she said yet. Sigh, all the problems that we had. Finally I opened it up because I was going to change the bobbin and the stitch plate from the regular plate to the single hole plate so I decide to brush it out....WOW did I get clumps of lint out and that solved the problem that the bobbin was having. It seemed like the bobbin was riding too high and well it was because of the lint. So finally we got that done.

Then I was going to quilt a quilt top that I'm doing for my friend Sherry. Her and a friend made this quilt top to donate to the American Heart Association and I offered to do the quilting. Unfortunately, I went to put the quilt backing on the frame and I realized it wasn't sewn into a backing, it's just long yardage. Talk about frustration! I don't even like to piece my own backings. I'll do it for my own if I need to but it's definitely not my favorite thing to do. I don't know if they want this pieced vertically or horizontally. Either way there's going to be a huge waste of fabric.

Then my wireless network. Sigh it was working so wonderfully and then I rebooted the desktop and I can't get back on. It sucks!!! I spent about two hours working on that and it's still not working. It just irks the crap out of me. And of course the help files are 68 pages....who wants to print 68 pages on their home printer???

In the end I just couldn't stand myself anymore and I know Mike and my mom were both annoyed with me too so I just went and sat in the bedroom.

Also, it's only the second week of finish it up month and I've yet to finish anything up. I'm wondering if I need to start something new just to save my sanity and do something that I enjoy for myself. I guess I give myself too high of goals and expectations.

So what are your thoughts? Should I allow myself to start a new project or stick to my guns?


Kristie said...

Just start something new, that is what I do, how do you think I got so many UFO's? :) Seriously, I think it is good for us to do something new, things get old after a while and are not as much fun. The way I see it, when quilting becomes a dreaded job, it is time to move on to something else. So what new project do you have in mind?

Nancy said...

Hey Jen, you probably thought I fell off the earth or something. I have been trying in vain to catch up with various blogs that I was too busy to read during Christmas preparations, etc. I have now pretty much caught up with yours I think.

Count me in for the FIUM - have you seen the list of quilting things I want to do this year - about 20 of them start "finish ..."! I am working on one of them today - the Van Gogh for our oldest daughter. When I get it finished I am hoping to do a sweatshirt like Erin's to wear to our next guild meeting next Saturday. Three of the ladies I quilt with on Monday mornings, including Erin, made them and wore them at the last meeting - I really wanted to have my made by then but I just didn't think I could take time out for it then.

So I guess my reply to your question in this post is that it is OK to intersperse finishing things with starting new things, though I am going to try to do more finishing than starting until I knock down the "needs to be finished" list - at least get some of the ones that won't take long to finish. Sometimes I hit a stumbling block in something that I want to finish and just don't know how to proceed. That happened with my Van Gogh, but last night while appliquing on the second of the tree trunks it came to me how I might be able to do the treetops. I experimented with one and liked the result, so started on the real one. I hope to finish them both this afternoon and get started appliquing them onto the quilt, then it will be ready to mail - oh, after the label. I want to do it in counted cross stitch, so that will take awhile longer. The sweatshirt may come before the label. I am hoping to post a picture on my blog tonight of my progress on Van Gogh this weekend.

I'll be interested to hear how you like the Pajama Quilter. I did a good bit of free motion quilting on the quillows I made for my grandsons, but I was not impressed with the quality of it. I probably won't be satisfied with free-motion until I get a quilting machine of my own! A semi-local quilt shop in our general area has some HandiQuilters that I want to take a class on using to see how I like them. Of course, I say that I have NO room here for one, but there is one room we use mostly for storage that might work. OK, getting ahead of myself. Today the focus is on the Van Gogh treetops!

Michelle said...

Do what makes you happy. Life is too short, and we never know what tomorrow brings. Just remember to ask yourself this question every time you get frustrated....In a hundred years, will it matter? How about by tomorrow. Will it really matter? You aren't going to disappoint anyone if you start something new, so go for it sweetie! Do what makes you smile and makes you feel good!
Love, Michelle

Carol Van Rooy said...

Something new... I always love to see what you come up.

trina said...

I'm with everyone else....start something new!!

Heather said...

I'm with everyone else do what makes you happy. FIUM isn't to stress you out it is to make room for your new projects and ideas right so.. what does it matter if you decide to continue your FIUM into february. May I pose another idea? maybe you should do FIUW or FIUWE (finish it up week or weekend) once a month.. that way you can get some things done but your not stressing over your list.. Who knows maybe you'll get to a project that just feels right and you'll keep going until its finished.


Amelia said...

If you feel inclined to start something new - do so - but make it a small job. Too many unfinished things make me feel too un-orgainized - which leads to a stressful feeling. But then again I like all my "ducks in a row" with most things in my life.

Clutter around where I am just saps the strength from me. I find I don't go to people's homes who have lots of clutter. I can stand a dusty coffee table - but not a stack of news papers laying in the floor.

Oh well, so much for my soap what makes YOU happy!!!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

My vote is to start something new that you want to sew for YOU.

Luv to quilt said...

Congratulates on 500 Posts. After all the hard work and beautiful gifts you made everyone in your life for Christmas. you deserve to make something you want to make.
Start something new. I can not wait to see it.
Thanks for 500 great posts.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and start a new project! I am pretty sure the quilt police are on vacation! (or they better be since I hardly ever 'finish' anything!)

Suzan said...

Gotta agree with the group...Start something new that you can be excited about and run with it! After you finish the new one, pull out something that you want to finish and do that. I would intersperse the old with new until everything was completed. You get the satisfaction of finishing an old project & you get to buy fabric to make new things. Looks like a "win-win" to me!! :)

Moneik said...

When we get tired of the old it always puts us in a no sewing mood, so I say start something new, and one night a week work on the finishing it up. Good luck with your projects and we love all the posts!