Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby it's Cooooooold Out Side

Wooooowwww, it's 4 degrees with 10 to 15 mph winds. It sounds like the winds are much stronger than that though because I just heard our screen door whip open. I checked online and they say we have -20 to -30 degree windchill.

I took Holly out last night and was out there for maybe 2 minutes breathing through my glove and the fleece on my jacket. When I came in my lungs were just burning. Of course my Asthma flared up and now I'm coughing like a banchee. I'll be staying indoors today playing in my sewing room.

The fabric that spoke to me that a few of you have fallen in love with is called Kashmir II by Sentimental Studios and Moda.

Flowers for Kashmier


Heather said...

Wow that is cold. I thought that it was cold here but it seems to be just me as the kids are outside playing in shorts and I am wearing long johns and still can't get warm. Still love the fabric, saw it at the LQS but will have to wait until another time to purchase don't need the shrinking pile of things to move to grow..LOL

Maureen said...

It is really cold here and I am sitting on my couch checking out others blogs. I should be cleaning!!! I am in the process of washing cloths...after I vaccuum (or however you spell it), I need to do the dishes and take the tree down. I think I will take the tree down while I watch the Packers! Go Pack Go!


Kristie said...

I sure hope that you don't get sick from being out in the cold. We are all hibernating in the house today too, it is cold outside.

I love the new fabrics. I mean I really, really, really, really, love the fabrics. I think that is one of the prettier lines of fabric that I have seen lately.

Hazel said...

Very pretty fabric ,can't wait to see how you use it .

Debi said...

Those fabric are yummy, I have a jelly roll of them and I have not figured out what to do with it.