Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas at my Dad's

The other day Mike and I went to my Dad's house to celebrate Christmas. It was so much fun to give the gifts that I had made. My dad really liked his fleece quilt and his fleece pants....which he thought were Badger Red. Sigh, they were USMC Red like the quilt. Giggle..."they wern't scarlet." SIGH. Can I control the colors that fleece is sold in? I suppose, you've gotta know a Goofy Marine to get what I'm talking about here, they're just uuuummmm, odd.

Lynda really liked her Miranda bag and her fleece pants too.

I got Quilters Cad...and wow, talk about confusing. I really am not quite sure how to use it yet. I'll have to go through their help files with a fine tooth comb. Maybe it is time for me to learn to use EQ after all. It appears they have a lot of things in common except that one is to design blocks and one is to design pantographs. I also got one of those cool Quilt Block a Day calendars. I had never seen one opened before so I thought it was just that, a quilt block a day. What it actually is is pretty cool. First it shows you a finished quilt. On the back there is the yardage and color information. On the following days there are block patterns until all the blocks for that quilt are covered. It's actually pretty darn cool!


Kristie said...

Looks like they loved their gifts. Sounds like you made out well with gifts also.

Amelia said...

Doesn't it make you feel great when the recipient is so pleased with their gift. Your gifts sound exciting. Keep us abreast of how you fair with the new Cad program.

Moneik said...

They must really like their gifts! What is Quilt CAD? I guess I've never heard of it. Enjoy your new toy.

Michelle said...

It is nice to put some faces with names. I always like that. Helps me remember who people are. I'm glad they liked their gifts.

Heather said...

They look thrilled with their gifts.. And your right you have to know a marine to know some what understand what goes throught their head. Working with them I think I know alot more than I wanted to.. LOL

Janet said...

I have never heard of Quilt Cad before. You say it creates pantograghs? Is that for quilting frame use?

I would be curious to know how you like it.