Monday, January 14, 2008

A Crime has been Committed

Now I'm sure you all want to know exactly what it is she did! I was home maybe 2 minutes when my furkid started coughing. It sounded like she was a cat trying to rid herself of a hairball. I rubbed her throat, patted her on the back and thats when we noticed it. Blue thread coming out of her mouth. I started to pull and pull and pull. A few YARDS later she was free and I started rolling it up onto my hand. I then was trying to figure out where it was coming from. It seemed to be EVERYWHERE. I was thinking she got into a bobbin. So I'm trying to reel it in. It was hooked up on the toybox, it went into the kitchen, it went around the couch, onto her bed, over to the window, over to the rocker. I pulled some out of the bathroom. Mike got tangled up in it...he was BACK IN THE KITCHEN. Finally I found where it was coming spool of Hemingworth thread that was on the TV stand in my studio. I had left the stopper was off but even in her activities it was still standing upright.

See Exhibit A
Now, look, just LOOK at the amount of thread I reeled in!!

Her WANTED poster pictures were intentionally taken with my Olfa cutting mat and it's grid in the background. Somewhat fitting don't you think?


Regina said...

ooohhhh - those furbabies get in more trouble!!! Mine (2 cats) like to unspool my ribbon and run it all over the house.

Moneik said...

She even looks like she know she's in trouble!

Michelle said...

Oh, thatWANTED poster is just TOO cute! How can you be mad at THAT FACE!??? I'm glad the thread didn't cause more problems, and that you got home when you did. She was probably panicing! "Oh, my, what is mom going to do when she sees I got into her new favorite thread! Oh, Help me Lord!"

Maureen said...

I agree with Michelle...poor Holly knew the jig was up and that Mom would not be happy....where was Dad when the crime was being committed?

I love the pictures...All she needed was a plackert with numbers on it.

Connie said...

Your poor pooch was probably zooming all over the house in a canine panic thinking "oh I did it now, how do I get this stringy stuff OFF of me, gotta get rid of the evidence........." Glad she is OK!! I wonder what it was about that thread that was soooo tempting?? Wierd thing for a dog to go after!

Debi said...

This is so funny, my 9 month old beagle did the exact same thing with a spool of my thread. JJ had it strung through 3 rooms and under the couch!