Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Day After

What is it about the day after a quilt retreat? I woke up feeling raring to go, ready to play in my sewing room and get more things accomplished and I never ended up in there.

I offered to go sit with My Grandma over at my Mom's for what I thought would be one hour, possibly two at the most...well it turned into FIVE hours. Since my Grandma was asleep on the couch I was pretty much tied to doing nothing but watching TV. OMG, there is some boring TV on. My fabric was calling me to cut it but my mom's kitchen table is wobbly and that would have driven me insane so my other choice would have been her sewing table...which would have required lights being on and would have interrupted my Grandma's naps. I got home about 5:30 and by that point I counted the day as a complete loss. I was no longer excited to jump in and get to work.

I will say, I'm very glad I decided to go to the Quilt Retreat. I had a very hard time deciding on going to the quilt retreat or going to my Mom's to sew with her and my Aunt Kitty. It was a very stressful decision to have to make because I felt like I was being pulled both ways. In the end my mom sewed 4 trash bags and watched the Packer Game. I know she intends sew but doesn't she doesn't always get around to it and it's a LOT of work to always pack everything up, know which projects you want to work on, which thread colors you can't be without, which notions you need with you, etc.


Karen said...

I'd say you need a hand project. Maybe some embroidery blocks or buttonhole stitch blocks? I would say hand applique, but I know you'd probably knock me into next week.

Jen said...

Hey Karen, How are those Snow Buddies Going??

Moneik said...

Maybe it's time to take up crocheting? I know I get really bored when I have to be quiet. I always need something to do, even watching TV.

Michelle said...

If it makes you feel any better, I had all kinds of dreams for Sunday too, and after a full day of sewing on Saturday, I woke up Sunday feeling very achy. You'll have to provide your own visual here, but I did nothing....stayed in my sweats and sweatshirt that I slept in, and didn't even comb my hair. YES, I have HAIR now. I have to comb it and everything. It was sticking up on one side, and I didn't even care. I sat in my chair, watched tv, kept looking at the clock, and waking up about 10 minutes later. I did that LOTS of times, then decided to just go lay down, which didn't work out either. Just didn't know WHAT my problem was.

I think I missed JEN!