Sunday, January 6, 2008

Foggy Foggy Sunday

Well, this was sure a fun day but a very foggy one! This morning my Mom called to say that my Aunt Kitty was having a hard time trying to thread her new machine and asked if I wanted to go with her to help out. Kit also wanted to go to Bits & Pieces & JoAnn's so of course we were in for that too.

First stop, Mom and I went to McDonalds for lunch and then to fill up her car with gas. Gas sure has jumped up this week. I got in on $2.99 a gallon late last week. Now it's $3.25 already.

Next we were headed off to meet Kitty at Bits & Pieces. Boy, for someone who wasn't after anything but was in a slump I sure had fun in the quilt shop!! I walked out with a pretty piece of blueish greenish fabric, a Chutes & Ladders jelly roll (My first ever can you believe it?) and a new book. I saw lots of fabrics that I'd like to make into Miranda Day Bags!! I already have some of the fall fabric, I'll just need a little more for lining and pockets and such. And there's this new line called Flirtations that I've just fell in love with. I think one of the chocolate colored fabrics would be georgeous for the outside of a bag. Hmmmm, maybe I'll need a Valentine's day purse!! I already have a charm pack of it. I know Jill is hooked on it too but I think she's already purchased yardage of it.

Then we hit Ulta. I needed a new pot of Bare Escentuals "Well Rested." I had mentioned to my Mom earlier that her hair seemed awfully short and it just looked spotty because the highlighting was only on the very tips so I decided we really, really needed to dye her one all over color with a semi-permanent to hold her over until her next trip to the salon. She wasn't too keen on the idea but Kitty also was thinking it was a pretty good idea since she had been staring at her head thinking the exact same thing.

On to Joann's. Kit was looking for a rolling tote for her sewing machine and I decided to get wooden letters in "Cre8tive Quilter" to paint and hang in my Quilting Studio. I don't know what happened...either I dropped a few letters in my Mom's car or I didn't grab them all while I was in the store so I'm missing a few and I'll have to go back. I'm going to paint the sides chocolate brown and the top of the letters will be two different pinks. Eventually I will hang them above the closet. Miss B was all curious about what was coming out of my bag!!

Over to Kit's. The problem was with the needle threader. I couldn't figure out at first how it worked. I mean, I knew what it was supposed to do but I couldn't figure out how it was going to accomplish threading the needle. Finally after staring at it long enough I discovered that there's a super microscopic little hook that you're hooking your thread on. WOW...that one will take some practice.

Now Mom and I were headed over to Office Max to check out Dry Erase Boards so that we could practice our free motion quilting "Pajama Quilter" style. Well, theirs were crazy expensive so we ended up at Target. For $7.99 we each got one that is 11 x 18 and then a few more bucks for some thin dry erase markers. We picked ones that have a magnet on the cap as well as the dry eraser right on the top of them. Our boards are also magnetic so I can hang mine up in my sewing room when I'm not using it and I'll always be ready to pull it off the wall and go to town.

It was then hair dying time. Mom was pretty nervous and I was pretty confident despite never having dyed anyone's hair before. I mean honestly there was no drinking involved and it's a dark brown. What could possibly go wrong? It's not like we could turn her hair purple or anything. I get a kick out of the fact that they call the rubber gloves, "professional gloves." I rubbed down her hair and I swear we used 1/8th of the bottle because she has no hair. I know it's darker than she would have liked but it's better than it being too light. At least now we know we can go lighter next time if she wants to go this route again. At least the gray is covered and the spots are gone!! I think it looks pretty nice despite the length but I like her hair a little darker.

I came home and I was all set to kick back and relax when I had an instant message from Jill giving me a hard time for not getting anything done this weekend. So I got up and put my yellow brick road quilt top on the frame. Like an idiot I managed to cut my batting EXACTLY the width I need it so I'm trying to pull it ever so slightly to make this work. If only I could figure out how to hang my roll of batting from up high on a wall or the ceiling. That would ROCK. Anywho, I'm quilting with a peach Bottom Line thread and Light Pink Hemingway Polyester thread. I've already made it through one and a half bobbins and I've yet to have a thread break. Of course I've probably just jinxed myself but I'm done for the night. I think I'm about half way through already. I'm doing a really tight stipple just because I wanted to see if I could and it's turning out pretty nicely.

I forgot to mention it at Christmas time but my Mom got me one of those Sidewinder bobbin winders. I've read a lot of crummy reviews on them lately but mine works just fine. For me it's much easier to use that to wind a bobbin while my machine is on the frame than trying to deal with the frame carriage while winding it. Overall, I'd give it a thumbs up. Will I wind every bobbin on it? Of course not but I'll definitely be using it while my machine is on the frame.


Michelle said...

Oooooo..lots of eye candy! Thanks for sharing! I love the pink and brown fabrics as well! Your letters will be awesome in your sewing studio. I can't wait to see them finished.

Sounds like you got LOTS accomplished yesterday. So what if it wasn't all sewing. I did not sew a stitch, but I shredded three bags of papers, and eliminated by mile high sky of 'filing'. Sometimes there's just other stuff you gotta do.

Kristie said...

Sounds like you had a very nice day. I love your new fabrics, can't wait to see you use them. I had planned on purchasing the sidewinder for myself just before Christmas, but with shopping for everyone else, it was not purchased...yet.

Debi said...

I have a Sidewinder and it is excellent for my Janome 1600DP on my Little Gracie Pro, I can wind all my bobbins at once (30 at a time).

Hazel said...

I've had the side winder for about a month I love it .I buy the large cones of thread so while I am watching tv I use the side winder to do multiple bobbins .

Moneik said...

Sounds like you had an exciting day, even if you didn't get much sewing done.

Rose Marie said...

Your letters would make a great header for your blog! Your little doodle board helped .... your stipple is good, real good.

Beth said...

nice stippling..on the board AND on the quilt! I found a HUGE white board for about $3 at my local Goodwill. I had to clean it up ALOT. I wore out a marker already..but not brave enuf to put thread to fabric!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Wow I had never seen the white board idea I may have to try that some other day though. I have a sidewinder too and love it. It allows me to wind a bobbin with out having to rethread the entire machine.


Maureen said...

I had to go to the page with the Shuttes and Ladders Fabric...nice. You did get a lot done and had fun too! Thanks for posting the pictures.

cindyquiltsOR said...

So, when you go back to get the missing letters ... snicker ... you can look for any special bargains, right?